Marathi Hip-Hop in DID-2

We will soon get to see Dharmesh and Binny perform for a Marathi styled hip-hop in Zee’s Dance India Dance Season -2.

Published: Friday,Jan 15, 2010 19:39 PM GMT-07:00
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We have seen a lot of variety like Salsa-Raasleela and Kathakali on a Bollywood number in Zee's Dance India Dance. Now we will get to see a Marathi-Hip hop performance by Dharmesh Yelande and Binny Sharma.

Says our source, "Dharmesh and Binny who belong to Geeta's gang, will be dancing on the foot-tapping Marathi number that goes Naagoba Dolaayla Laagla. Binny enacts a naagin(snake girl) who tries to sink her fangs into the poor unsuspecting Maharashtrian boy Dharmesh. Dharmesh tries to evade her in swift hip-hop movements and Binny follows step in the same swift manner."

Adds the source, "The act's end is marvelous. When binny eventually bites Dharmesh, he yells in Marathi- Haa naagoba malaa chaawla. Atta maajha kaay honaar? (Oh my god, the snake's bitten me. What's going to happen to me?)  To this Mithun da unexpectedly quips-  Jaast kaahi naahi honaar. Tulaa log hya pudhe nagoba Dharmesh mhanteel. (Don't worry, you'll be OK! We'll just call you Nagoba Dharmesh from now!)"

When everyone expressed their surprise at how Dharmesh who hails from Vadodara speaks such fluent Marathi , he simply explained- Oh, but I am a Maharashtrian who's raised in Vadodara. Marathi is my mother tongue!

Catch this episode tonight at 9.30 pm on Zee's Dance India Dance.

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digitalone 33
digitalone 33 12 years ago I realy like this dance......to rocking learn something new this time.....
looking forward to something new this time from GEETA for sure
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