Manish Wadhwa does not fear getting slotted!

The actor is essaying the role of Kans in the show 'Paramavatar Shree Krishna'.


Television actor Manish Wadhwa, who is essaying the role of Kans in Paramavatar Shree Krishna (&TV) says he doesn't fear getting slotted in a particular genre.

Manish has previously played negative characters in several TV shows.

When asked what attracts him towards the anti-hero, Manish said, "It's the role that attracts me. Whether it is negative or positive, it is just a role. Be it Peshwa, Chanakya or whatever they were excellent...I am playing Kans now. I also played Raavan. So, now that I am playing totally negative, it will be fun."

Does he fear getting slotted in a particular genre?

"Not at all. I am doing so many variations. I have done Chanakya and Peshwa, which were positive. Raavan was both negative and positive and now with Kans, I am playing negative," he said.


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