Manish Nagdev's Kind Gesture!

Manish, the lovable Cheenu of Banoo Main Teri Dulhann has a 'Heart of Gold'. Read to know more..


Manish Nagdev, the sweet and loving Cheenu in Banoo Main Teri Dulhann surely has a Heart of Gold! In a recent experience, a young girl selling flowers came upto his car, which was halted at the signal to sell flowers. Manish refused to buy them, but the little girl on recognising him to be an actor, very politely selected few flowers and gave it to him saying she did not want the money. A much touched Manish moved by the gesture, removed some cash and gave her for the whole bunch, which he ultimately bought.

When contacted, this is what he had to say, "It was so touching. I didn't think she would have recognized me as these people do not really watch television. And the way she gave me those flowers for free was just overwhelming."

Manish in real life seems to be exactly like our dear Cheenu, isn't it?
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Manish Naggdev

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RENUKAVASHISHT 2010-04-30T00:08:23Z Really very happy to knw that....i m a frnd of smeone who has golden heart!
Singh23 2007-10-03T18:30:49Z this has been a bad year, i dont think i have ever watch sooo few hindi movies.
umi82990 2007-10-01T15:13:36Z Really!!!

We need a lot of hits this year!! We've only had a few!! :(
aanchu 2007-08-29T13:23:12Z he is so good looking and such a fab actor
pomegranate 2007-08-22T17:07:27Z awwwwwwwww. that so sweet. just by reading this article I was touched
Lolo600 2007-08-21T21:43:20Z awww thats soo sweet of him! n he looks extremely cute in that pic! my god, but ya definitely resembles his character in the show
o|oNaTaShAo|o 2007-08-21T19:15:20Z OMG!!......Wonderful article i must say........i knew that hez a nice human being in real life......caz u can tell that by looking into his eyes.....he looks so helpful and naive.......Chinu rocks....
Priyanka09 2007-08-21T15:25:17Z awww he is soooo sweet. thanx 4 da article
ammmu 2007-08-21T14:44:48Z Awww, that is so sweet... thanks for the article, Manish is so nice! :)
ritzy2ritz 2007-08-21T13:13:18Z awww! just shows to say that he really lives his character
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