Manish at the receiving end of prank on Birthday!

Manish Raisinghania of Star One's Hum Dono Hai Alag Alag got to greet his birthday in a very whacky way this year.

The crew members of Star One's Hum Dono Hai Alag Alag of Playtime Creations played a prank on actor Manish Raisinghania before throwing a surprise birthday bash for him yesterday.

According to our source, "Manish who plays Adi and Yash Pandit who essays the role of Tapu in the show were enacting a serious scene.  But the director was not happy with the scene and started getting angry with Yash. In a matter of few minutes, the argument between Yash and the director took such a turn that Manish started getting blamed for the scene going wrong."

The source adds, "Manish, the cool dude that he is, appeared normal even after all this. Having seen that their prank did not  affect Manish in any way, the director and Yash came clean without prolonging the prank".

When asked Manish about the prank he says "I was confused seeing the prank. But glad that I did not give in to it".

Manish usually celebrates a quiet birthday. He says "We daily soap actors rarely get time to party. So I am lucky that today my whole unit gave me a surprise party on the sets. Believe me it's a big thing. After so many years I've had an opportunity to celebrate like this."

We wish the actor a wonderful and blessed year ahead.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Susan Jose

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Comments (12)

aww poor u lol
Happy Birthday Manish!!!!


14 years ago

Poor guy
Happy Birthday to Manish!!!

14 years ago

spell check please!

"quiet birthday" not quite birthday!

14 years ago

awww poor you...Happy Birthday.. have a wonderful year

14 years ago

happy b-day dude!!!!! Love you! mwah! xoxo

14 years ago

soo chweet..bechare ko darra hi diya...!!!! Happy Birthday Manish

14 years ago

awww poor thing!! Happy birthday Manish aka Adi

14 years ago

aww that must have been funy happy b-day to him

14 years ago

happy birthday manish love u since Teen bahuraaniyaan

14 years ago

Excellent.. First 2 Comment! = )

Aww... Thats soo cutee.. Playing a prank on himmm... Hhahhaa...

Luv this unique show..

14 years ago

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