Mangda Ben to be killed in Zee's Shree...

Putli Bai's evil powers are in full flow, and her next victim happens to be Mangda Ben. With this, the role of Tanaz in Zee's Shree comes to an end..

We had recently reported that Hari (Pankaj Singh Tiwary) and Shree (Wasna Ahmad) in Zee TV's Shree, are all set for their honeymoon at the farm house, which will ultimately turn out to be eventful for all wrong reasons.

According to our source, "Putli Bai, mother of Kangana who is in the disguise of Sarla Ben is sent to the farm house to set things right for Hari and Shree. She creates more problems for the couple who have a great escape while traveling to the farm house".

However, a bigger twist is in store for the audience after Hari and Shree come back from their honeymoon. "Mangda Ben (Tanaz Currim) who has always been a helping hand for Shree will meet with her death soon. Mangda who tries to figure out the identity of Sarla Ben gets caught in her black magic and evil powers and breathes her last. The twin deaths of Jigna Ben and Mangda Ben will only reveal to the viewers that Putli Bai's evil powers are even more terrorizing than Kangana's", adds our source.

We called Tanaz to ask her whether Mangda's character is nearing its end, but the actress seemed clueless. "Is it? I really did not know this", states she.

If this is not enough, soon after Mangda's death, the Raghuvanshi family will get the news of Shree being in the family way. "Shree will actually be carrying an evil power in her womb, courtesy the so-called sacred thread that Shree has with her, given to her by Sarla Ben", further states our source.

As a parallel track, the viewers will also start witnessing the flashback sequence which will reveal the real reason behind Kangana's death 10 years back. "However, the story for this has not been developed yet", states our khabroo.

If sources are to be believed, Sarla Ben will get successful in setting free the 'Aatma' of Kangana that has been kept in a sandook by the Raghuvanshi family. Also, there is a buzz that in course of time, Hari and Shree will have a boy baby which will actually turn out to be the rebirth of the evil Kangana.

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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14 years ago

They are ruining Shree and Hari's life - having an evil son is the greatest punishment they could give to them. I can't watch this anymore it's too unfair... only the good ever suffer in these serials, no matter how much they pray! A better track might be to have twin sons - one good, one evil - how about that, creatives?

14 years ago

Keep Mangda PLEASE.... PRETTY PLEASE....

14 years ago

Shree has a son good new but bad new he rebirth of kangana

14 years ago

Excuse me Kangna reborn as Shree and Hari son?? And I liked Mangda's character, she was so nice...made us laugh!!

14 years ago

Eeewwwww Hari & Shree's Boy Rebirth of Kangna! Phewwwwwwwww =(

14 years ago

This is ridiculous. I hate this upcoming track. How can they kill mangda and above all make Hari and Shree's son evil. Thatz the ultimate. I dont like this at all.

14 years ago

Thanks for the info...

But Nooooo...Tanaaz is sooo good!!

14 years ago

a baby boy, Born as Kangana ??
Whoa, But I Must say the show is indeed interesting

14 years ago

ohhho... i wanted her to b in the show ...she was really great

14 years ago

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