Mandira's new cricket innings, this time as a judge!

The Sexy Sardarni Mandira Bedi is back to Cricket World, this time to be a part of an elite panel as a judge!

Mandira Bedi is back to her first love, Cricket. After anchoring Extra Innings for 2 World Cups , Our friendly noodle strap babe will now be a part of an elite panel( including Ravi Shastri, Wasim Akram, Harsha Bhogle and Alan Wilkins ) which will select the face of ESPN Star Sport 's new cricket channel, Star Cricket.

However this time around, the sexy Sardarini getting tired of being questioned about the need of having her on cricket show, has started to answer her critics even before they open their mouths. "I will add spice and style to the show. And yes I have enough knowledge of the game to select the correct candidate", asserted Mandira.

So will you put more emphasis on attire and appearance, "No looks are not the primary criteria, but yes, he/she has to be presentable, The grooming part can come later. What I am looking for is spontaneity, confidence and the X factor”, says Mandira.

This brand ambassadress of Indian woman's cricket hoped that more and more girls will take use of this golden opportunity. “For my stint with SET Max has changed the way, cricket is presented . Earlier we did not have one woman sports presenter, today all channel's have one.”

What clothes will you wear on this show? “God will this discussion on my sarees ever end! All I will say now is that it will be a little a bit of this and a little bit of that. But don't worry my signature noodle strap will always remain a part of the mix.” Mandy now getting serious said, "The only reason I had worn those feminine clothes on Extra innings was that I did not want to look like everybody else on the panel. Honestly tell me had I done that, would you have even noticed me"

Reporter: Anil Merani

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Gr8 ...all have rights to enjoyment....

@GG -PM time PM like to watch tv nothing bad in it...its also a type of work

16 years ago

hehe..i like Mandira quite a bit!..she's alot like me!..

16 years ago

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