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Major revealation to leave Swaran heartbroken in ‘Swaran Ghar’; Ajit to be shattered too

Here’s what’s in the store for the viewers of Colors’ show ‘Swaran Ghar’.

Published: Friday,Mar 25, 2022 10:06 AM GMT-06:00
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Swaran, Yug, Vikram and Nakul

Colors’ show ‘Swaran Ghar’ is taking the audience on an emotional ride. The current track of the show revolves around Swaran finally coming to terms with Kanwal’s death. However, her sons are only interested in the property that Kanwal has left behind. The sons are wanting to sell of the lavish house and take their shares.

In the previous episodes, Kanwal’s will has been read in front of the family which left the sons stunned as Kanwal didn’t leave anything under their name and titled Ajit Lamba as the guardian. Swaran has been confused because of the same and the reason behind Kanwal’s decision.

In the upcoming episodes, the sons will return to Swaran and will apologize to her for their actions. They will shower her with love leaving her emotional. It will further be revealed that it was all a plan led by Nimmo, so that the sons could befriend Swaran and change Kanwal’s will.

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Furthermore, the upcoming episodes will be an emotional ride as Swaran is set to learn about a very important detail that has been kept away from her since a long time. Swaran will get to learn that Nakul, Vikram and Yug called Kanwal a theif because he didn’t give the profit from a business share to the kids.

In the turn of events, Neelima who’s aware of Bedi sons’ actions will spill the truth in front of Swaran. Swaran will be shell-shocked to learn the same and will break down thinking that all this while Kanwal hid the truth only to protect her from the hurt. He thinks about what Kanwal must’ve gone through after hearing such hateful words from his own sons, all by himself. Ajit will also be shaken after hearing the truth. It will leave Swaran determined to take a major step against the sons.

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SoniRSippu21 4 months ago Lets see what major step Swaran will take against her sons.
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