Maitree’s Ishita Ganguly aces the Tandav dance form for the show in just a few hours , calls it tough but fun

Ishita Ganguly, who is currently seen essaying the character of Jhumki in Zee TV's show Maitree talks about performing Tandav in just a few hours.

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Ishita Ganguly

Zee TV’s popular fiction show - Maitree, which follows the journey of two soul sisters - Maitree (Shrenu Parikh) and Nandini (Bhaweeka Chaudhary), has kept the audience hooked since its inception courtesy of its exciting plot twists and engaging storyline. In fact, recently viewers witnessed how Maitree, Nandini and Harsh (Samarth Jurel) saved their family from an Icchadhari Naagin - Jhumki (Ishita Ganguly). While they were successful in escaping, Jhumki returned to the Tiwari Sadan with a motive to kill the whole family and hypnotize everyone. 

 What’s more is that Jhumki also tried transforming Harsh into a Naag in the recent episodes and during this process, she performed an epic ‘Shiv Tandav’ to successfully pull off her plan. This particular sequence was a big deal for Ishita as despite being a trained dancer and putting up numerous captivating performances in the past, this marked her debut in performing a Tandav on screen. Astonishingly, she flawlessly executed the intricate moves with just a single day of practice!


Ishita Ganguly said, “When I came to know that I have to perform a Tandav in the show, I got excited yet nervous. This was because although I am a trained dancer, this was the first time I was performing a Tandav on screen. What made this intense scene even more interesting were the monologues as well as the bloodshed that had to be shot along with it. To make it even more challenging, we also had a time constraint. So, I practiced the Tandav act for a few hours on the day of the shoot and simultaneously prepared for the scene as well. It was a tough task, but fun too. In fact, Tandav is one of the toughest dance forms because it needs a lot of strength, balance, and a high level of emotional output to get the scene right. It was edgy, but the dance was shot beautifully, and I can’t believe we pulled it off in much less time. I hope the audience loved my performance too.”

 While Ishita’s Tandav act has won her a lot of praise, in the upcoming episodes, the entire Tiwari family will be seen preparing for Harsh and Jhumki’s marriage under the latter’s control. Maitree, on the other hand, will try her best to stop the wedding. But will Maitree be successful?

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