Maharana Pritam Ko Gussa Kyu Aaya?

Pritam Chakaborty - a judge in the Chhote Ustaad show recently walked out of the SVOI sets in protest. What exactly got him mad, to know all that and more read what Pritam himself has to say.

Published: Wednesday,Feb 27, 2008 16:45 PM GMT-07:00
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Reality shows, super sensationalized AV's on participants, dramatic overkills and walkouts all go hand in hand. It gets very hard to say when an incident is scripted and when not! The shoot for this week's episode saw a shocking incident on the sets of SVOI which made one of the judges - Pritam Chakraborty, stage a walk out in protest. Telly Buzz decided to catch up with Pritam to get to know all about the incident..

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When we inquired as to what exactly had happened, Pritam explained, "What happened was very bad. Suddenly this girl from the audience comes down and kisses Emraan Hashmi. The worst part was that, Emraan was my guest. He had come for the promotion of my album. Even he was bit shaken with the incident and that's very natural too."

But how could the girl breach the security, reach Emraan and indulge in such a bold act is the biggest question Pritam wants to ask the Production house. And on asking if the whole fiasco was scripted he firmly states, "I don't want to get into that, but if this whole act was scripted, then it was a far worse situation and totally disgusting. I cannot fathom why such dramas would be required to promote a talent hunt show." He was quite vocal about his displeasure on the whole fiasco. "This is a show for kids and such things should not have been allowed to happen. When Mika Singh goes and kisses Raakhi, I am least bothered. But when there are kids around, some basic aesthetics and decorum needs to be maintained," is what the Music Director and Judge of the show had to convey to all.

He justified his walkout saying, "Yes I made a walk out because I was very annoyed. That girl after all this goes and sits down as if nothing had happened. I told the show producers to throw her out and only after that, I joined again". But with all this, he is also quite miffed with the production house for promoting this incident. "The whole incident is finally a disgrace to the show. Why advertise such a thing? It's more disgusting this way," says an annoyed Pritam.

Yes, indeed it is sad that a kid's show had to witness such a shocking incident. Whether all this was staged or was an impulsive act by a crazy fan, only the show producer and his crew can tell.

Reporter and Author: Barnali

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matrixnaz 14 years ago It doesn't matter whether or not it was scripted (which i think it was, minus Pritam's reaction). But even if it wasn't, the cheapness of Gajji can be discerned from the fact that he chose to give this thing publicity. It could easily have been edited. Shame on Gajji. Why the hell is he always trying to copy SRGMP? Stupid idiot.
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kiti_g 14 years ago ha ha ha ... just look at Vyom in the pic ... he looks so focussed ... with his singing ofcource ... ha ha ha
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Jasmine... 14 years ago thats really disgusting!!i saw it on tv..that girl acted as if nothing has happened!!!!and i agree wid preetam da here...such audiences should be thrown out..really disgusting!!the girl did not hv any sense...she ws out of her mind...
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Too_Much 14 years ago Didi...
Firstly i want to ask that is that pic after kissing or before kissing..
Coz Emraan bhaiya looks quite comfortable(i know he is experienced one phir bhi Aankhe jhooth nahi kehti..)..i mean he knew this thing in advance.

Regarding Pritam.. arrey yaar he is not a good actor.. so relax dude.. if you are trying to tell us that you didnt knew about the script then apne album ki kasam kha kar kaho..

hats off to that singer, didnt loose focus hahaha...

And Didi .. Title of this article is Mind Blowing.

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-shehzaadi- 14 years ago I have 2 questions:

1) Why invite Emraan Hashmi to a kid's show in the first place?

2) Why does every reality show seem to have a girl go up and kiss someone after it happened with AN on SRGMP last season? Do Gajji and Co. believe that is the formula for SRGMP's success or what?
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~*puja*~ 14 years ago My gawd, that's horrible... if it was scripted, throughly disgusting and if it wasn't that girl should definitely be ashamed... kissing a complete stranger on national television is disgusting and disgraceful!
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Anuradha 14 years ago I find Pritam very sweet and innocent and when innocent people get angry, they become more innocent.. Lol, this whole act is looking too funny!!!

They are proving that this is kids show by showing such immature drama!!
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Bhaskar.T 14 years ago Gajji first scripted. Now Pritam. If he was so against promoting the incident then why go ahead and give out quotes to all the media houses?

He is scripting it further to prove the other scripted drama to be natural one.

Come now all of you. This is a kids show. Try to show some decency. They should be ashamed.

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luv_pavi 14 years ago OH MY GOSHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!i cant understand wht is gonna to b happen nowww lol
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neha28 14 years ago hahahhahaa...

SVOI is the biggest joke of this century...a total flop show
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