Madirakshi Mundle's upcoming show, 'Jaat Ki Jugni' ropes in this VETERAN actor

The show has been buzzing for a while now.

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Actress Madirakshi Mundle wowed one and all with her portrayal of Sita in the Star Plus mega show, 'Siya Ke Ram.' Her on-screen chemistry with actor Ashish Sharma was one of the most loved things.

And now, breaking her image of Goddess Sita, Madirakshi is all set to hit the TV screens once again with the upcoming Sony TV show, 'Jaat Ki Jugni.' The promo of the show recently went on-air and the response to the same has been overwhelming.

The show has an alluring star cast with Madirakshi and Vishal Vashishta in the lead roles along with actors Yash Tonk, Amit Pachori, Ritu Karmarkar and Barkha Singh.

Now, according to an entertainment portal, veteran actor Rakesh Pandey has been roped in to play the role of the grandfather to Vishal's character.

In spite of being an aged man, Rakesh's character will be shown to be a modern, bold, and fun-loving person.

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Comments (10)

Ashish Sharma please don't make us wait any longer... please come back soon

6 years ago

Commenting for Ashish Sharma. Please come back soon on screen.

7 years ago

All the best Madirakshi
Ashish Sharma waiting for ur cumback

7 years ago

So excited to watch VISHAL VASHISHTHA as Bittu in 'Jaat Ki Jugni!!! :D

7 years ago

Vishal vashishtha rocks And please write his name properly. It's " Vishal Vashishtha "

7 years ago

Can't wait for this show. Love Madirakshi Mundle and Vishal Vashishtha. Their chemistry will be amazing. Rashmi Sharma is just the best producer

7 years ago

Missing you Ashish Sharma..eagerly waiting for yr comeback.

7 years ago

Vishal Vashishtha & Madirakshi Mundle wish you all the best.
Ashish Sharma waiting eagerly for your comeback.

7 years ago

Ugghh IF
Can you guys write Vishal Vashishtha 's name properly even once?
I think its that difficult

7 years ago

Can u pls write Vishal's name properly for once...
Vishal Vashishtha rocks. .U r the best

7 years ago

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