Madhubala actor Bhupinder Singh arrested on the charges of murder after fatal shooting in neighbour dispute

Bhupinder Singh, a well known face in the world of television has been arrested on the grounds of murder.

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Bhupinder Singh

Popular TV actor Bhupinder Singh, known for his roles in Madhubala, Ye Pyaar Na Hoga Kum, Ek Haseena Thi, Tere Sheher Mein, and other shows, is currently embroiled in a serious controversy.

The actor was arrested on December 3 for allegedly firing shots at his neighbor, Govind Singh, using his licensed gun. The incident occurred in Kuankheda, Bijnor, where Bhupinder resides. The altercation arose when Bhupinder, attempting to cut down trees for a fence on his farm, faced objections from Govind Singh, along with Govind's father Gurdeep Singh, mother Meera Bai, and brother Amreek Singh.

Regrettably, Govind lost his life on the spot due to the gunshot, while his parents and brother sustained severe injuries, with Gurdeep and Amreek in critical condition. Fortunately, Govind's sister managed to escape and hide behind a bush during the violent episode.

The roots of the dispute trace back to October 17 when authorities were alerted to Bhupinder's plan to install a fence on his farm and cut down eucalyptus trees, a move opposed by Gurdeep and his family. The tensions escalated, leading to the tragic incident on December 3.

Following the shooting, the DIG from Moradabad visited the injured parties and gathered information about the incident. However, the victim's family has accused the police of negligence, claiming that despite lodging a complaint on November 19, no action was taken.

In response to the incident, Bhupinder Singh and his accomplices—Gyan Singh, Jivant Singh, and Gurjant Singh—have all been apprehended three days later. The legal proceedings will shed light on the details surrounding this unfortunate and distressing event.

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