Love story in Bhagyavidhaata? Not quite...

If the buzz is to be believed, there is still time for the protagonists of COLORS' Bhagyavidhaata to fall in love...

As the special episode of Colors' Sabki Jodi Wohi Banata Bhagyavidhaata draws closer, everyone is eager to witness the budding romance between Bindiya (Richa Soni) and Vinay (Vishal Karwal). However, the buzz is that, there is every possibility that we just won't get to see that so soon!

The present track shows that Vinay has finally gotten a soft corner for Bindiya, and to the surprise of his family, has even accepted to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

According to our source, "There is a one hour episode celebrating the first anniversary of Bindiya and Vinay, which will be aired on February 3rd. It's a fun filled episode full of masti (fun) and hungama (frolic)."

The source adds, "The storyline shows Bindiya and Vinay getting closer. It's being implied that they are falling for each other and that their love is so strong that it's uprooting all the hurdles between them. However, that might not be the case. There is a possibility that Vinay might just be explicitly expressing his affection for Bindiya as he wants Chuttu (Neha Sharma) to get a clear cut message that he is very much disinterested in her and that she should stop hatching more plans to impress him."

"However, these signals don't exactly make Chuttu throw up her hands in exasperation. Although it may seem that Chuttu is about to quit wooing Vinay, she's just not the kind of girl to give up so simply. She will not let the love between Vinay and Bindiya blossom this early," the source further tells us.

We spoke to Neha Sharma aka Chuttu who says, "I would just like to tell all, not to go by what you see. There's more than what meets the eye."

So is Chuttu's character ending or not? "Chuttu won't leave so soon as any important negative character cannot end so rapidly," says Neha.

When asked what we can expect from the story track, Neha says, "You can expect more of suspense, and lots of Chuttu and Punpunwali!"

Smita Singh aka Punpunwali says, "Punpunwali will create a lot of tamasha (drama) to unite Vinay and Chuttu. You have got to watch out for more scheming by Punpunwali and Chuttu."

It remains to be seen how Chuttu and Punpunwali get back to their conniving ways.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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Comments (14)

I dont understand why poon poon wali and chuttu is behind vinay when he clearly said to poon poon wali that he do not like chuttu. Is vinay family is blind. I want to see Bindiya being strong i dont want to see her crying. Poonam horoscope is quiet filmy when vinay family agreed Bimlesh marraige with poonam they did not consult pandit or what

14 years ago

me not liking this , so it may be vinay is using bindi to get rid off chuttu , that's mean :P

14 years ago

gud 2 konw some thing gud gonna happen...thnxx IF too

14 years ago

I agree with Nishtha!
They are dragging it now, Man!

14 years ago

lets hpe we dnt hv 2 w8 too long for their love story

14 years ago

As expected!!...well what to say..typical show.. with typical twists and typical intellegence ...nd so typical of us tolerating this typical stuff! typical time pass! LOL.. oh btw why BVD have this special episode every now and then? See so typical of them again!! Thanks :)

14 years ago

i knew vinay's transformation looks a bit strange . but i hope he does not hurt bindiay any more . do not like that love hate relationship.

14 years ago

i knew it...that Vinay is using Bindiya...grrrrr ...i just hate it yaar... :(
after along time...they are showing some lovey dovey scene but Vinay is using Bindiya to get rid of's not good

14 years ago

looking forward to c them togather!!!!!!

14 years ago

I knew a sudden change in vinay was so weird, anywez luking forward to this interesting stuff!

14 years ago

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