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Love Joey Tribbiani From FRIENDS? Other Works By Matt Le Blanc That You Can Binge Watch This Weekend!

Curated here is some of the best works by Matt Le Blanc for an ideal binge-watching weekend. Check out the list below...

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 Matt Le Blanc

Matt LeBlanc, one of the most loved actors on television has always been praised for his comic timing and memorable performances. His most iconic portrayal of Joey Tribbiani got him three Emmy Award nominations, apart from of course the love from the audience from all over the world. Although the role of Joey remains to be the most memorable, Matt has plenty of other great performances to his credit. 

Curated here is some of his best works for an ideal binge-watching weekend. 

1. Joey Tribbiani – F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Joey is hands down, Matt LeBlanc's most loved role, running for ten seasons on one of the highest-rated shows on TV. It's not only his most iconic role, but ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ is his most iconic TV show. The character worked so beautifully for him, that he got his own stand-alone show, based on the character - ‘Joey’. His dialogues like ‘How you doin?’ and ‘Joey doesn’t share food’ are also very popularly used as pop culture references. Catch Joey and his Friends on Comedy Central.

joey friends

2. Matt LeBlanc – Episodes 

After a hiatus for about five years, Matt starred in a show titled Episodes where he played himself. This comedy show is about a British couple wanting to remake their successful British TV series, with unexpected results. The show was a huge hit and had five successful seasons. For Episodes, Matt LeBlanc won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Television Series Musical or Comedy. Watch the show starting 25th August, everyday at 9 PM only on Comedy Central

2.	Matt LeBlanc – Episodes

3. Adam Burns – Man with a Plan

 Matt plays the role of an old-school man, Adam Burns, confronting the modern challenges of parenting, marriage, and family in this hilarious series. 

Adam Burns an old-fashioned husband and father is in for a shock as his wife decides to go back to work, leaving him to take care of their three kids. How he deals with this new found role in this beautifully written show is an absolute treat to watch which is airing on Comedy Central starting August 25, every day at 10 PM.

3.	Adam Burns – Man with a Plan

4. Jason Gibbens – Charlie’s Angels

 Back in the day, our superstar comic hero was actually a part of the Charlies Angels squad…well not directly of course! He played the role of Jason Gibbens, the boyfriend of one of the Angels – Alex. This role, till date remains as one of his most underrated yet fabulous ones.

4.	Jason Gibbens – Charlie’s Angels

5. Charlie Darby – Lovesick 

 As the name of the movie suggests, Matt plays the role of a ‘Lovesick’ teacher with a twist, in this rom-com. Matt’s hilarious portrayal of an otherwise lovable elementary school principal, Charlie Darby, turning into a jealous, paranoid, and hilariously obsessed lover, will definitely want to make you revisit this film.

5.	Charlie Darby – Lovesick

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