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Love is in the Air - A Rendezvous' with Onscreen Love Jodis

Catch your favorite On screen Couples, as they define the magical word 'Love' in their own way..

Published: Tuesday,Oct 23, 2007 18:26 PM GMT-06:00
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As the never-ending saga of Saas Bahu stories continue to keep the audience glued to television, cute romance and pleasing love stories which were seen a lot in the past, are hard to come across now. Those were good old days where the story used to focus mainly on the love story of a couple, their amazing chemistry on screen, which actually blew the audience off their feet. As we turn back and have a glance down the memory lane, we get reminded of probably the first love story shown on television, that of Masterji and Lajoji in Buniyaad. Another on screen couple known for their amazing chemistry was Pratam and Gauri of Kutumb, and their love for each other took romance totally to another level. Then came, Ajai Sinhas Astitva Ek Prem Kahaani which showed that age was surely not a barrier for love birds; the protagonists Abhimanyu and Dr. Simran became household names, thanks to this refreshing love story that touched the chords of people of all genres.

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Our team in Telly Buzz makes an attempt to capture some budding and flowering romantic stories shown presently on Television. So here we go on a romantic path, talk to the onscreen couples playing romantic roles in Television today, to get to know their ideas and views on the most special 4-lettered word Love

The first onscreen couple on our list is the young lovers of Sonys Kaajal Dev and Kaajal. The story in Kaajal now has taken the age-old formula of Reincarnation and is now focusing on the new protagonists Kinshuk Mahajan and Chahat Khanna.. So friends, sit back and enjoy this joyous romantic ride and get to know new definitions for the magical word LoveBut before this, be Cautious, as this ride may make you fall in love with love all over again

Kinshuk Mahajan:

What does love mean to you?

Love to me is pure understanding. Only when you have proper understanding, does love arise and flower.

Your take on the love been shown on TV now a days, where people randomly cheat on one another, how justified is that?
This is not justified at all; love can happen in different ways and to any one. But the love that is based on just the physical attributes giving importance to seduction is not nice at all.

Does age matter in love?

Age does not matter in love, it can happen to anyone at any age..

Is love something that is pre planned by destiny, or is it more about two people just 'clicking' with each other?

It could be both; initially, there has to be positive vibes coming out of the relationship. With this, will develop chemistry between the two, which can later be converted into a relationship

'Opposites attract' do you believe in this?

Ya sure! I believe in this..


Chaahat Khanna:

What does love mean to you?

I don't believe in love. I have recently had a bad experience and I cannot say anything on love just now..

Your take on the love been shown on TV now a days, where people randomly cheat on one another, how justified is that?

See, everything depends on the upbringing the guy or the girl has got. If your friends' circle is good, and you have been taught good things, then I think there is no room for all this at all.

Does age matter in love?

I actually don't think so; if you are seriously in love and you want to get married, I think it is fine. But having said this, I think age becomes an issue when you are staying in India.

Is love something that is pre planned by destiny, or is it more about two people just 'clicking' with each other?

Destiny matters a lot. God's nod needs to be there for every thing to be fruitful in life. But seeing the way people are today, for many, it is the present plans that matter, and they don't even look into the future and many are not even serious when in love, and this is really sad.

Opposites attract do you believe in this?

I don't believe in this. This is a saying that holds good for magnets, but not for people..

Stay glued to Telly Buzz for more sizzling conversation with your favorite stars on Love. We will be back soon with more young on screen couples from the small screen who share their heart out...

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt

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tamy-rox 14 years ago o agwd i luvvvvvv kinshukk
hez the cutesttt...hawttestt
ahhh mahh hawtiie <3

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samyrima 14 years ago he is so hottttttttttttt ; ummmmmmmmmmmmm i love him
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THiNKiN OF YOU 14 years ago woah....she doesnt believe in love...thats hard to believe...
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griffy.fz 14 years ago thanxx 4 the article...kinshuk is sooo hot!
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Rah_HuJu 14 years ago where love is concerned, Sumeet-Kumkum tho hone hi chahiye!!! ;)
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dreamer_dreams 14 years ago can we have angad (iqbal) and kripa (neha) article. Dev and kaajal's was good. thanks for the article.
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nupsk 14 years ago i really like the on screen pair of Dr Armaan and Dr Ridhimma can we have the article about them...
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adoremevirgo 14 years ago my fav on screen jodi is Dr. Simran and Abhimanyu of Astitva
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Bubbly_Shelly 14 years ago Nice article thanks! And omg her name's chahat - meaning love.
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Bansari7 14 years ago omg the dev is looking so hot here!!!!!!!!
and this is the preetiest pic of chaahat that i have seen!!!
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