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Love in the Air for Riddhima and Armaan

Armaan and Riddhima are in love; watch out for the wonderful romantic angle that is going to develop in Star One's Dill Mill Gayye...

Published: Thursday,Oct 18, 2007 12:52 PM GMT-06:00
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A Journey of Friendship, a journey of Love, a journey from Interns to Doctors - in a nutshell is Star One’s Dill Mill Gayye. A concept and storyline centered on youth, with the usual dose of fun and masti, entangled with complications, this serial has now become the ‘Talk of the Town’. The jodi of Riddhima and Armaan has caught on with the viewers, and the story is now set to reach a high phase with a romantic angle slowly developing between the two.

Love in the Air for Riddhima and Armaan
Telly Buzz talks to Shilpa Anand, who plays Riddhima, to know more on the new twist in the serial. So tell us, are Armaan and Riddhima in love? “Well, Armaan and Riddhima have always been fighting till now. But now, they have developed a liking for each other, and the story will surely have a romantic angle to it. I cannot reveal much, but their romance will reach a high point now, and then a twist will take place. This will again bring about a distance between the two. The screenplay writers have done a very good job in bringing out the feel of romance between the two, and the final product is really warm and refreshing. So let’s see how it goes!”, says the actor. So will Riddhima and Armaan unite later? "Keep watching!"

So how is it to play Riddhima? Are you enjoying? “Of course yes! It is really nice because in real life, I am very different from Riddhima. I am not a person who can be sighted in salwars. I always sport shorts or track pants or jeans. You can never catch me roaming around in salwars, except when I attend weddings or go to the Gurudwara.” Any other aspect in which you differ from Riddhima? “I have a sister in real life too. But here, I am the more dominating one, I would always rebel and fight. As Riddhima, I give in a lot and am portrayed as timid. In real life, I am more of a fighter-cock”, says the actress with a smile on her face, as she signs off.

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Sweet_wish @Sweet_wish 9 years ago Shilpa Anand we love u :)
KaSh rocks as Armaan Riddhima

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SHRUTI @shruti_kashian 11 years ago aww... woww
just loved the basketball date of armaan and riddhima. it was sooo romantic
i wish they had a kiss alsoo ;)
kash i miss u sooo much
plz cbs
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Annie @..Sana... 11 years ago miss dmg sooo much...plz come back dmg 3!
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Tanja @SugarDream 12 years ago Loveee you shona.!!
Pls come back karan with your shona(shilpa anand)..KaSh rules
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sheelaheela @sheelaheela 13 years ago Shilpa & karan, the best on-screen TV couple, GOD!love them.
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narayanaprem @narayanaprem 13 years ago You always rock , shona...muah... love you... lot
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rameshaar @rameshaar 13 years ago Missed this article. Gorgeous Shilpa as ridhima & particularly this basket-ball court yellow dress scene, too good.
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Mayank-nupur @Mayank-nupur 14 years ago I luvvv armaan and riddhima!
Thnx so much 4 posting this article! :)
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urmila @urmila_17 15 years ago first of all thanks for ur information
waiting for arman and ridz to confess their love again
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Sonia @bubble8pinky 16 years ago they both rockz......................
might armaan look nice yah if anybodyv likes dil mil gaya then rate it
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