Lost On An Island? These Are All The Clothing Pieces You Will Need

If the world wipes off and all that you are left with is yourself.... Then these are the only clothing pieces you will need

lost on an island

At least once everyone has come across this question in their lifetime. We've either thought this oursleves or someone has asked us, and that genius of a question is, what would we prefer to have on us if we were ever to be stranded on an island alone? While the replies have varied from a knife to something as ridiculous as endless supply of booze. Today, we are talking style and purely style, not survival.... 

So, if I was not in this coronavirus infected human jungle but on an isle with endless supply of water, sand and sun, it would be pretty boring to be without a bathing suit. Think a red-hot bikini and a white cotton cover-up.

bikini and cover up

For a second let’s assume we had the company of our man on the island. An oversized shirt could just be apt for the time when he wanted to steal a piece from your small wardrobe.

Kanika mann

Days will be warm but night’s would be cold like ice. A jogging suit would just be right and you are ready in the morning for a run under the sun!

jogging suit

Having your most comfy salwaar-kameez ensemble on you would mean home. Comfort and style both at the very same time!

salwaar kameez

Last but not the least, finding that classic polo you bought in class eighth, along with your comfiest bottoms would mean winning a grand-slam. Technically an ensemble apt for the cold weather it could feel as cozy as sitting next to a fire place on a cold lonely night!

denim and a polo neck

Which are the clothing items you would rather have on you, if you were ever stranded on a deserted island? Let us know your answers in the comments below....

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