Lokit Phulwani shares his experience on the recent wedding track in 'Rabb Se Hai Dua'

Lokit Phulwani is enjoying the wedding track in Prateek Sharma’s popular show, Rabb Se Hai Dua.

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Lokit Phulwani

Actor Lokit Phulwani is enjoying the wedding track in Prateek Sharma’s popular show Rabb Se Hai Dua. His character Hafeez is getting married to Kaynaat, thereby giving Lokit the opportunity to don a lot of wedding attire and participate in many rituals. 

He says,  "Acting in an onscreen wedding can be a mix of excitement and repetition. There’s the thrill of being part of a significant moment, but it involves multiple takes, camera angles, and careful choreography to ensure everything looks perfect. One has to spend hours in wardrobe fittings and rehearsals to get every detail right for the big scene. Overall, it’s a blend of professionalism, creativity, and the occasional touch of nerves to make sure the portrayal feels authentic and emotional. Wedding tracks are always a high point for any daily soap. The audience takes a lot of interest in the wedding festivities. I am happy for Hafeez and Kaynaat as finally they will get married against all odds.” 

Lokit also adds, "Weddings in TV shows are often grand spectacles filled with drama, emotion, and unexpected twists. In my show, there is also a twist in the wedding sequence, which the audience will witness. They can serve as pivotal moments in character arcs, offering resolutions or cliffhangers. These episodes tend to blend romance, humour, and sometimes chaos, creating memorable and iconic scenes that viewers cherish. Once the shot culminates into the scenes according to the script that looks very good. I enjoyed the shooting. An actor’s job is to enact a scene to convince the viewers, and that’s the best part of being an actor.”

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