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Life OK's 'Prem Ya Paheli - Chandrakanta' to go off-air!

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The concept of the 90's popular fantasy drama, Chandrakanta being remade by 2 famed producers was not only a subject to controversies but also innumerable comparisons.   

While producer of Triangle Films, Nikhil Sinha launched the show in the name of Prem Ya Paheli - Chandrakanta on Life OK featuring Kritika Kamra in the lead role, Balaji Telefilms' Ekta Kapoor launched Chandrakanta - Ek Mayavi Prem Gaatha on Colors and had Madhurima Tuli playing the protagonist. 

Talking about Prem Ya Paheli - Chandrakanta, the show was meant to be a finite series, but it has apparently failed to fetch the expected numbers on the TRP charts. And analyzing the same, Life OK has decided to pull the plug on the show.  

Of what we hear, Prem Ya Paheli - Chandrakanta will go off-air in the month of August.

We contacted Gaurav Khanna who plays the character of Virendra Singh in the show. He informed us, "We have no idea about it. We haven't got any information on the same."

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kinny_ranvir 3 years ago Prem ya paheli chandrakanta is beautiful show. Gaurav Khanna and Kritika kamra are doing fab
Neenzm 3 years ago PYP Chandrakanta show deserves more . It s better than many shows. I don't know what happens to the viewers that prefer some bad shows.
naturesk 3 years ago Now when i think of it star plus might be forcing to take chandrakanta off so that they can get those viewers to watch aarambh which is at the same time too. Oh god! Pls let this news be false
Creativez 3 years ago I sometimes doubt kektamata might have employed people to watch her shows,
As far as I know when people see Balaji films logo,the name ekta comes people Do not watch ,even though few of Kenya mata movies are good,her shows sucks,be it any show they appear to be traditional yet multiple marriages, illegitimate relationship s and love child's etc, swap of spouse's,khabe bhabhi kabhie biwi concept,she is pioneer of ruining good content,even when I was kid I hated her shows that crap kyunki been the worst2017-07-12 04:56:51
Darklord15 3 years ago Sadly the on going politics will never let us enjoy good content. Though Ghulaam has my favourite star, still i wish the show to get off from TV screen ASAP. Don't blame the teenagers, those housewives or the aunties likes watching show full of kitchen politics, women crying, domestic violence etc.
livelong 3 years ago I hope this is just a rumour. The fans needs contact the channel on twitter. They are pretty active.
sawaira 3 years ago For me its the star network's fault. They should have promoted this show on their big channels, CK does deserves a long run. For me shows like Ghulaam should be plugged off but look at the channel PR, they seems desperate for promoting the good for nothing shows.
rummygaur 3 years ago If ekta gul bakwas shows are not getting howbthe hell this can get off ...

Shows with good concept and performance hardly get trp
naturesk 3 years ago ANother attempt by looser rivals to depress the fans. They can buy trps but that doesn't mean their show will be loved. PYP CK is a great show with fab performers. Stop spreading rumors.
Neenzm 3 years ago Why good content driven shows do not get the so called trp. Pyp Chandrakanta is a great show with fabulous story line n amazing leads. How can colors chandrakanta that s so bad get the trps.
Prem ya paheli chandrakanta is far been than many shows in terms of story, performance n ensemble cast. I just hope this should be rumour. Fingers crossed2017-07-11 11:18:48
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