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LEAKED: Kamal's daughter Akshara Haasan's PRIVATE PICTURES go VIRAL

These below photos has surely left the actress in an embarrassing situation.


There's no doubt that in today's Internet generation, one needs to be aware of cybercrime and especially Bollywood celebrities who have an image to maintain in public. If you're a daughter of a renowned celebrity, it's easy to fall prey to such heinous acts.

Just recently it was Akshara Haasan, daughter of Kamal Haasan and younger sister of Shruti Haasan who's private pictures have gone viral on the internet.

In the below pictures, Akshara can be seen taking a picture in her inner wear and these leaks have taken the Internet by storm. Although they could be morphed images of the actress but nothing has been confirmed yet by her.

Here's what the tweet read, "So the leaks seem to have Bollywood to ... finally. Hope some more get released soon ! #AksharaHaasan does have a nice body !"

It is not only Akshara but actress Amy Jackson also who's personal photos recently got leaked on the Internet. It so happened that the actress was in London and couldn't access her iCloud account. To solve the issue, she took help from the nearest Mobile store and by the time she returned to Mumbai, she realised that her phone was hacked and her pictures were all over the Internet.

These pictures can be downright embarrassing for celebrities and the ones who do this must be caught immediately and to be given strict penalties.
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armaan.ridz 2018-11-04T22:40:06Z Oh cheap India po*n forums Bollywood team writer. Remove those pics.

1. Imagine your sister only in bra or nude.
2. Done with imagining?
3. Now her picture is on rival sites like and the whole world sees her naked.
4. What will your mom and dad feel now? How will they react? Will they enjoy to see their nude daughter published to the world.
5. Imagine your nude sister again. How do you feel now? Glad?

Inhumane!!!! Still no remorse???

Weirdo writer remove the pics.
Riana31 2018-11-04T21:36:11Z This is so shameless !!!. India forums u deserve a f**kin kick on ur ass !!!... Why did u f**kin viral the private pics if u guyz r so concerned about her
Priya_18 2018-11-04T11:20:23Z Downright invasive and rude when you did the same as the person who posted her private pics. Remove it dude, why, do you want more views? Cheap. It makes more sense that way. Awareness create karne ke naame pe leaked pics firse share karte hain. Kaun bana deta hai tum logon ko writers and editors!!?!
armaan.ridz 2018-11-04T11:01:58Z @india forums Bollywood team - you should have only posted news without the pics. Really irresponsible behavior from you.
You are equally culprit of playing with a woman's dignity as those leaches who leaked the pics.
Can you please remove the pics from the article
kirti_fiji 2018-11-04T08:37:47Z Inda forums could have just posted the news without the pics
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