Lavanya in a fix!

Lavanya Tripathi, whose acting career happened without much warning, is now in a fix regarding her studies!

Published: Tuesday,Dec 01, 2009 13:54 PM GMT-07:00
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The spotlight landed on Lavanya Tripathi courtesy Channel 'V' Get Gorgeous. Now she is a known face thanks to her character Araina that she so well plays in Sony's Pyaar Ka Bandhan.

Lavanya is now facing a tough situation as she is unable to juggle between her college and her acting. She says, "Pyaar Ka Bandhan happened out of the blue. Vikas Gupta, the creative head of the show, spotted me at a Coffee shop and offered me the role. I gave the look – test and then bagged the role of Araina."

Her excitement and inexperience never led her to think whether she would be able to handle it. Says Lavanya, "I have never worked in a daily soap before, so had absolutely no idea that things can get so hectic. Now I'm having a really tough time managing my regular college and work. I will have to talk to my professor and see whether I can continue via correspondence."

So what will happen if she can't study through correspondence? "I don't know! I just know that I cannot ever think of giving up on PKB for two reasons. One- I'm very passionate about acting and I want to give 100% to my first role. Two- I'm too attached to Araina to let go of her," Lavanya signs off.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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Ozymandias 13 years ago i like her in PKB but its nice to c that she actually cares about her education unlike most other actors
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burgerchaap 13 years ago I hope she doesn't leave PKB. I am actually starting to like her.
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missy14 13 years ago i think she is a pretty good actress, she has catually acting skills and looks as an actress:) its just that she has high attiyude right now in PKB, but she will sink that in a while
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Hridi 13 years ago Don't leave this show. I have been watching this show only for you. Thanks a lot Vikas Gupta for choosing her for the main lead.2009-12-02 09:28:54
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AnjanaYYZ 13 years ago Hope for viewers sake she picks college! And Vikas - how could u!
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RosyRosh 13 years ago Im happy she doesnt want to quit! But, college comes first in any aspect..education is number 1..

Hopefully she learns to manage!
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paaal 13 years ago This is reallly a critical phase....managing college and a daily soap...is next to impossible..Pity her...but as it is....things follow up...but studoes shd b da 1st priority. Wish her all the luck. N Lavanya...even v r too used to seeing u as Araina....cutiee
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nikita_88 13 years ago I think they will focus on other aspects to allow her a bit of a break to continue with her studies!
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.Angel 13 years ago
the rest will surly follow in time but her studies should always come first.
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pooja_l 13 years ago hmm... try to study thru correspondance then
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