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Last Minute Girls' rendezvous in X Factor India

Sreyasi Mukherjee from The Last Minute Girls speaks about the experience of being trained under Sanjay Leela Bhansali in Sony TV's X Factor India...

Sanjay Leela Bhansali as a mentor saw the first eviction from his team in Last Minute Girls.

TellyBuzz spoke to Sreyasi Mukherjee from Last Minute Girls where on behalf of her team she spoke about the journey in Sony TV's X Factor India...

How has the journey been in X Factor India?
The journey had been like a beautiful dream which had started from day one till today. Being in the top ten was the best part.

You are the first team to get eliminated, did you expect?

Not at all; we never expected to be the first team to get eliminated, but at the same time I cannot judge the decision taken by the judges also because all the ten teams are the best wherein all are equally good.

How was it being under the shadow of Sanjay Leela Bhansali?

Sanjay sir is a legend and being taught by a legend is like a dream come true. I remember we were awed looking at the Cannes certificate on one side and BAFTA on another side pinned to the wall. He used to say that your song is your baby. How much ever odd it might look or sound, you have to love it. And once you start loving your song, you will give your best of the best on stage. Because of him The Last Minute Girls are today The Last Minute Divas.

What are you planning next?

Now we have to go back and give our terminal exams at school. We are in XII std. After that we all are planning to take our graduation from Mumbai because we know this is where we have a chance and most of all Sanjay Sir is here.

What has been the learning experience in the show?

In the group, I was the only trained singer and the others were not. We got to learn a lot of stuffs that we did not know. Also we had a great bonding with Sanjay Sir and we will remember whatever lessons he gave us.

What was the memorable moment from the show?

Each and every moment in the show is memorable and we will remember them. I remember Sanjay Sir telling that we can become the best girl band in the country and I am really proud of you guys.

X Factor India is a nationwide platform. Are you ready to receive the heroic reception back in Kolkata?

I am really skeptical about the reception that we will get in the city, but I am sure that we are going to get a heroic reception at school.

If given a choice, whom would you select as your mentor?

Sanjay Sir always.

Were you upset that Shreya Ghoshal and Sonu Nigam voted you out of the show?

Sonu Sir's vote was completely justified because Piyush is his student and Shreya Maam's vote was also her personal decision as she felt that the song touched her heart. We are happy that our mentor considered our performance as the power-packed performance. We are extremely happy with that.  

What is the main strength of your team?

We have a great bonding and when we start our song, we start it in the same pitch and we end it in sync. We have a great understanding of synchronization. After all we all are best friends at school.

What do you think went wrong in the final performance?

That's the sad part, because the last performance that we gave was the best. Had we got eliminated with the previous performances or the coming performances, we would not have had a problem.

What do you think are the pros and cons of being a team compared to the individual contestants?

Being a team, we all have to think about the team members whenever we perform because if one goes wrong, the whole performance goes wrong and at the same time if one gives the best, the performance could be unmatched. At the same time being a team we can create different variations in one single song, which the individual performers cannot.

If there is a wild card entry performance how are you planning to prepare for it?

We will definitely riyaaz everyday like how we have been trained all these days. Though we cannot meet up every day and practice,  we will definitely do our individual practice.

Reporter and Author: Saranya Valsarajan


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Summer3 9 years ago Lovely interview. They are all good looking and talented. A but of music lessons for the rest too will give them the polish they need. Thru could be Luke Abba.
maan4love 9 years ago thay are good but they dont deserve more than its a fair decision.
laadlibitiya 9 years ago finally a fair decision is taken by the audience ;]
yipee 9 years ago they are good but have much scope to learn...hope they continue their riyaaz and then they will surely do well...good luck to them
saru.g 9 years ago they sung really very good... all d best for ur future girls...
KuchBhiMatBol 9 years ago aww last min gurls were my favourites didnt wanted them to be eliminated! They are fab n represent the youth
i loved their performance on jawani janeman
may they achIeve all the fame they wished for
gokulraj 11 years ago Hi Riteish Deshmukh. You are soo cute & rocking. You have a very brightful feature. All the best.
rakun 4eva
rakun 4eva 11 years ago wow i jus luv ritesh he's so cute.... would luv 2 c abi and ritesh togther
wisehigaholic 11 years ago i just love Ritesh he rocks love u sweety too cute.2009-07-04 12:06:13
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