Lara Dutta turns scriptwriter.

Lara Dutta to write a script for love story.

It seems film industry lags good scriptwriters so; the actors are taking keen interest in writing their own script. Recently Salman wrote script for ‘Veer’ and now actress Lara Dutta is taking up the same way.
Lara is writing a script that will be based on female protagonist. According, to her Bollywood gives more importance to male leads while female leads have very less opportunities. She is writing script for a love story where both male and female will play equally important roles.
Well, this script Lara is writing for herself so one thing is sure that she will be playing the lead role in the film. Who will be the lead actor opposite to her is yet to be decided.
How far Lara is good as actress all of us know. Lets see how far she succeeds as a scriptwriter.

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