Laali returns to the haveli to save Shekar's life..

Laali's life in Zee's Agle Janam takes a dramatic twist as she returns to the haveli to save Shekar's life..

As we had reported earlier, Zee TV's Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo will see Laali (Ratan Rajput) getting back to the haveli in the coming episodes, as she has no other option left!!

So what exactly prompts the girl to get caught in the clutches of Loha Singh yet again? Well, our source says, "Shanichari helps Laali to escape from the brothel, and from the clutches of Balli and his men. However, in the process Laali gets to know that Shekar (Abhishek Rawat) has lied to Loha Singh that Laali is pregnant with his child. She also gets to know that if she does not make it back to the haveli, the ruthless Loha will not even fear to kill his own son Shekar".

"The will-power to save Shekar forces Laali to take the biggest decision to go back to the haveli, and live the life of Shekar's rakhail all throughout her life", adds our source. 

We tried calling Ratan Rajput, but she remained unavailable for comments…

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Comments (9)

but i find it weird for her to go back to haveli ...anyways lets see what happens nxt

14 years ago

its finally happening :) i was waiting for this moment. Now the serial will get interesting.

14 years ago

Now this is what i don't like..girls are always shgown weak....they should show the stenght of laali....again coming back shows her weakness...

14 years ago

scenes scenes scenes scenes

serial ki story aur productive baat nahi dekhte scenes ki bhukh pareee hai

bhukhar asli things ko dekho

14 years ago

@Nivi yup me happie wid da new twist :) :)
laali is returning to haveli to save shekhar life :) :) how sweet is tat ;)) but shekhar will misunderstand her arghhhhh but after knwing da truth he may fall in love wid her

14 years ago

ohhhh God........koi naya twist nahin mila..?kash woh kisi achhi jagah pe acche family ke pass chali jaati aur wahan use shekhar milta aur kash woh dono mein pyaar ho jaata to kuchh mazaa aa jaata.

14 years ago

NOW i am really losing interest in the story
what is this ??
again she is back at haveli
& i really dont like the track of thakurs haveli !!!

14 years ago

I think she feels she is indebted to him

14 years ago

haila laali wants to save shekhar! OMGGGGGGGG what a twist! poor girl! maybe she has some feelings for him!

14 years ago

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