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Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi to go off air...

The latest buzz in the industry is that after Kahaani, it's now time for Kyunki to bid adieu.


As the curtain closed down on one Balaji daily Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki, rumors are abuzz that the popular Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi will be winding up very soon.

Our reliable sources inform us, "There have been talks in the industry for quite some time now about Kyunki going off air. And, it has been finalized that the show will definitely be going off air."

The source further adds that, "Balaji has not renewed the contract with the channel for its other shows either. There are talks that the last day of shoot of Kyunki might be somewhere in the end of October". The buzz is also that Rajan Shahi's new show, 'Yeh Rishtha Kya Kehlata Hai' will be replacing Kyunki... "He is planning to bring in his new daily on the 10:30 pm time slot", quips the source.

Our sources also reveal that Star Plus is replacing all its old shows with fresh ones. "The channel is revamping its programming section. The contract with Balaji is over, so there are chances that their long-existing shows will soon wind up. The channel is planning on bringing shows with new and bright concepts", concludes the source.

So no more saas-bahu drama on Star Plus... Whether this new strategy of the channel is able to entice the janta or not, is something we have to wait and watch!!

Reporter: Rachana Trivedi, Ranjini Nair
Author: Rachana Trivedi



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Naz2000 11 years ago Thats good to hear that the company renew everything and bring new and fresh shows.

I'm looking forward to see what they bring to our tv.

Of course, I'll going miss this show a lot.
sq174121 11 years ago no wayy!!!im gonna miss this show although its worse then pathetic now..but still..its lyk sum1s dying..i mean ive been watchin it for so many years now and for it to end...:'(
TheGlamourgal 11 years ago its really happy to listen that.boring rona dhona and affairs , multiple marriages , huge no of children and women just fight for one man all will end.
i think ekta should come to reallity and make the shows which r worth. new subjects social elements there r many than boring saas bahu. she should get a lesson from all the boring shows. i think even ks should also end. its just dragging for nothing. every women in the show wants jai walia , some times he marries other one, some times he sleeps, etc. i think she should end by just uniting jb .
i think star is doing good by revamping itself by bringing good and new concepts. and i think even zee should follow the same.
white-heat 11 years ago Great...this news made my day:) Even though I love KN alot...I was wasting my time watching the show just for them...but if it ends then everything is fine..!
Naddi 11 years ago thank god! i want to see new shows wiv new tracks
Piku_S 11 years ago Balle Balle, i feel like dancing, finally Kyunki is ending, its like dream come true, first Kzk, KGGK, and the KSBKBT and maybe ks might end in January.
Harshitipremeer 11 years ago everyone ome to kdmhmd n lets part!
i5hy 11 years ago the best news i heard in weeks:D
Cant wait for dis day!!
Feel sympathetic towards the final epi writers who somehow has to make sense of all those missing characters and close all the loose ends:S
Ashu-n-Sush 11 years ago wow... great news....finally!!!!!
Thank God!!!!
adoremevirgo 11 years ago WOW....good riddance i was really really hoping that it will go off air especially after kahani
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