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Kya 'Paanchvi Pass' has Failed?

Siddharth Basu of Synergy Adlabs speculates on the low rating of 'Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain?'...

Published: Monday,May 26, 2008 12:51 PM GMT-06:00
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Siddharth Basu of Syngery Adlabs admits that his much hyped Star Plus show Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain? has not been able to garner high TRPs. “We have failed to get a good sampling despite aggressive promotion. The opening rating was 4.7 which dipped further”, says Siddharth.

Kya Paanchvi Pass has Failed?
Pointing fingers at the ongoing IPL matches for eating away into the rating of this Shah Rukh Khan anchored thirty-six episode quiz show, Siddharth opines, “Nobody expected the IPL to be such a big hit, as club cricket has never been so successful”.

He adds on to say, “Besides IPL, some other factors may also be responsible for the low rating, which we need to study in detail”. However he was hopeful that once IPL gets over, the ratings will rise and June, July will be much more productive for the show.

Dismissing the never-ending comparisons of Paanchvi Pass with earlier seasons of KBC, Basu says, “That was a totally different era. Today the level of fragmentation is so huge that even the very popular IPL has not been able to cross the rating of 8.We need to understand that given the size of the audience pie, even limited ratings still mean large number of eye balls.”

On the big question of whether 'Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain' has failed?, Basu replied that the public may not have liked the format. “Nobody likes to be humiliated”, adds in Basu.

He further did not subscribe to allegations that Khan's charm had failed to rein in the interest of the audience. “We all know how powerful he is; look what he has done to IPL”, came the spontaneous answer from Basu. So will King Khan return with the next season of KBC? “Well he has a contract of one season left with us. Now it’s up to the broadcaster to take the next step”, he ended.

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HPCRAZY @HPCRAZY 15 years ago No wonder the TRPs of this show dipped due to IPL;It ROCKED big time!!!!!!!! Most entertaining cricket tournament I've ever seen so far.Will miss it! Now that it is finally over though,surely SRK will be able to work some magic & woo audience back to his show :-)
Btw,I don't think there's any reason for anybody to feel humiliated just because they don't remember stuff they studied during the first 5 years of their school education
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Tani @Tani91 15 years ago oof I'm tired of these IPL matches...ruining all the shows...

I hope they dont cancel this one and i hope it does really well....because this show is very good
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aishwarya @aish_punk 15 years ago the timings are bad n shud chng. srk's a gr8 anchor but KAPPSTH is stupid
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kiran @deek 15 years ago i alwax watch it wiv my family! i hope it doesnt end, and srk is a great anchor!
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Aphrodite @Aphrodite 15 years ago i really like this show...its should not end...they should change the time..
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Ask Me @Fazila~ 15 years ago Its all IPls fault, change the timing slot.......maybe then the trps will rise.......
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Pooja @pooja_l 15 years ago Its due to ipl that the show i8s ending but i think that hold their patience for some time then after the ipl is finished they will surely get trps.
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Marion @rakeshp2 15 years ago well i for one think that most of the audience is glued to the IPL matches like myself especially on the weekends but as for the show its very educational as one finds himself refreshing their memory. as for humiliation, i cant understand that as everyone knows the format of the show and if they dont want to take part in the show then they shouldnt write in or whateever you have to do to get into the show. and the best part is that you do win some money and i always say something better than nothing. P.S. its funny how i havent heard anything about americans feeling humiliated ??

hope no one will be offended with my post - thanks.
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Jas @Jaslove 15 years ago oh wow, I thought the trps must hav been high...looks like IPL is affecting alot of the shows...
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srkfanno1 @srkfanno1 15 years ago It is soo sad to here that ppl arent taking interest in this show... this show is like one of the best shows since it expands on one's knowledge.... comeon people i encourage you guyz to watch this show.. it is a pretty hyped up show

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