KWK8: Dharmendra to share a heartfelt message for sons: "Sunny samajdaar hai, Bobby sabse laadla hai.."

In a sneak peek into the upcoming episode, veteran actor Dharmendra shares a heartfelt message for his sons Sunny and Bobby Deol that will leave you emotional.

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Bobby Deol, Dharmendra and Sunny Deol

The beloved talk show, Koffee with Karan have made a sensational comeback for its eighth season, and it couldn't be more exciting. With the charming and versatile host, Karan Johar, at the helm, fans are in for a treat as the show promises edgier, crazier, and candid conversations with their favorite celebrities. 

The new episodes are set to drop every Thursday, exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar, and the show has already opened to immense love and appreciation from its ardent followers. But, what makes it even more thrilling is the revelation that the dynamic Deol brothers, Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol, will be gracing the Koffee couch.

In a sneak peek into the upcoming episode, veteran actor Dharmendra, their father, shares a heartfelt message that left everyone emotional and in tears. He speaks of the unique bond between a father and his sons, saying, “Har bacha kaise bhi ho, baap ke saamne bheegi billi bann jata hai aur baap se dur hote hi sher ban jata hai. Sunny ke andar ek bachha hai jo samajhdaar hogaya hai aur usse samajhdaar hona chahiye. Bobby sabse ladla hai, hamesha chota bachha jo hai usko zyada hi pyaar karte hain. Par Bobby kehte hain ki aap Sunny se zyada pyaar karte hain mujhse nahi. I am proud of you, my sons” 

The emotional message is bound to resonate with the audience, offering a glimpse into the genuine love and affection shared within the Deol family.

In this highly anticipated episode, viewers can also expect Bobby Deol to open up about a challenging phase in his life when he found himself at home without any work, leading to a battle with alcoholism. On the other hand, Sunny Deol will share insights into the hurdles he faced post the release of the iconic movie, Gadar, and many other aspects of his illustrious career.

Koffee with Karan Season 8 is brewing excitement and emotions and is set to be an unmissable experience for Bollywood enthusiasts. Tune in exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar to catch all the heartwarming moments, candid confessions, and delightful conversations that this season has in store.

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