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Krratika Sengar enters Kis Desh...

Krratika Sengar enters Star Plus' Kis Desh.. as Gaurav's best friend... Read to know more..

Star Plus’ Kis Desh Main Hai Meraa Dil has seen many a twists and turns in the past few months, starting with the death of the very adorable Prem to the return of a Harshad Chopra look-alike, Gaurav.

Now the charming Krratika Sengar, who was recently seen in Kya Dill Mein Hai and Kaun Jeetega Bollywood Ka Ticket, makes her entry into the show as Gaurav’s best friend.

According to our source, “She plays Simran, who is the best friend of Prem’s look-alike Gaurav. Her friendship with Gaurav is more or less similar to SRK-Karisma chemistry in the blockbuster movie, Dil Toh Pagal Hai”.

We called Krratika to know more on her role. “Yes, I will be entering the show tonight. I play Simran who is into advertising, and is very close to Gaurav who is into photography. Simran is a very bubbly and outgoing girl”.

So does it mean that she is the love interest of Gaurav? “They are the best of friends, but at times Simran does get this thought that Gaurav might be the guy for her”, quips the actress.

“My role will be a long-running role, and I am very much excited about this”, concludes the actor.

Well, her entry will surely pep-up the audience even more!!

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh


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cookies10 11 years ago Thanks Alot!
Hope She Does Not Get In The Wayy!
-Priyanka xx
Mazzy101 11 years ago This content is hidden.
-svetalana- 11 years ago She was heading KDMH and she ruined that.This lady Krattika was also in the show as love triangle.Now this creative head is heading towards the same love triangle.What the hell.This story is unique and for god''s sake please don''t tamper the show by putting these stupid triangle love story.The show is only for PREM and HEER no one else.
Why Ekta wants hoards of actor in her show.Why can''t she just use the actors already in the show and bind them together.Look at bidai.There are only those characters who are from beginining.They are still maintaing the good TRP.Why can''t this stupid Ekta and Creative learn that adding more characters won''t help the serial any where.We are very apprehensive about the kratikka entering.No need of her.We don''t want to see her.Yesterday we saw her in the show and she no where stands and required for the show.She doesn''t know how to act also.Same expressions when she is surprised, when she is sad and when she wanted to help gaurav.Her voice is also so heavy as if its male voice.I am bugged off with this character now.
SILPA8 11 years ago wowww...anothr twist....gr8888...already TRPs are vice if again this twist starts sure it go to 20/21 place...y desh creatives r nt learng nythng frm othrs atleast...see how bidaii team is maintaing their TRPs from past few months...BT ppl nevr get gud n useful ideas...blooperssssss...
nazma 11 years ago This content is hidden.
Jyotix 11 years ago I am so sick of this. Don''t they know this is a story about Prem and Heer. Why they have to bring her now.
cute_bear 11 years ago omg...y does ekta have to bring her in?..y can''t she just let them live in peace
shabs_89 11 years ago OH NO!!!!.....wot is this?....why are we not gettin the story we want.....prem and heer together....wot is this?....another triangle...gosh!....

friendsforeverh 11 years ago again twist uuuuuuffffffffffffffffffffffff
Monu-SunNaa 11 years ago Sorry, but Krratika can''t even act and is there any need for a third angle in Kish Desh.
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