Kritika's day out with her mom...

Kritika Kamra is on Cloud Nine as her mom has come to Mumbai to celebrate Mother's Day with her daughter...

Today's Mother's Day has been something really special for Kritika Kamra, the lead of NDTV Imagine's Kitani Mohabbat Hai.

Her mom has come all the way from Madhya Pradesh to spend the day with her daughter. "I had called my mom to celebrate this Special Day with me in Mumbai, so she has come to stay with me. I am so happy to have her with me. I will try to do something different for her. I decided to take her to the Spa and we also had a nice lunch together", quips Kritika.

On the gift she is planning to give her mom, the dedicated daughter states, "We both are very fond of clothes. So I will buy something good for her and make the day special".

Well, her mom will surely be proud of Kritika, what say folks?   

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Kritika Kamra

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kritika is soooooooooooo sweet........luv u..........such lovable daughter.........

13 years ago

WHAT is this? this isa private day for Kritika with her mom, plzzzzzzz leave her alone.


15 years ago

that''s too sweet of u kritika......ur totally awesome!!! really crazy 4 u n karan.......

15 years ago

aww that''s so sweet of her! I love kitani mohabbat hai! :D

15 years ago

Actually its more sweet of her mom... who came all the way to visit...

15 years ago

Aww shes so cute!
thtz rilly sweet of her...

15 years ago

thats reli cute and glad she had a good time with her mum!


15 years ago

Aww shes so cute! love u kritika! ur my fav no doubt!!!

15 years ago

Kritika is so cute...that''s so sweet of her :)

15 years ago

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