Krishna Chali London to go off air from July; to be replaced by Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum

Krishna Chali London gave us the hit pair of Megha Chakraborty and Gaurav Sareen...

Krishna Chali London

Star Plus’ popular show Krishna Chali London starring Megha Chakraborty in the lead role is loved by audience for it’s fresh storyline. Viewers loved the beautifully woven love story around a less-educated hero and an aspiring Doctor. The show had a good run and also scored good numbers on TRP charts. Well, now it’s time to pull the curtains down as the show is going off air.

According to reports the show will soon end and with a mutual decision between the channel and production house. As per sources the show will end in July and might be replaced by Sandiip Sikcand’s new show Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum starring Dipika Kakar and Karan Grover.

The producer of the show Saurabh Tiwari while speaking with a leading news publication confirmed the news saying that Star and Parin Multimedia have mutually decide to end the show with a logical conclusion and that it was always supposed to be a finite show.

The show started out with wonderful chemistry of Megha Chakraborty and Gaurav Sareen and the two gathered a lot of accolades as a jodi. Later actor Karan Vohra took over as the lead and the story line became more engaging.

We tried contacting Megha Chakraborty, but couldn’t get her comment. Will you miss watching the engrossing journey of Krishna? Let us know in the comment section below...   

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Comments (7)

Damn!!!Not at all happy with this news :( Star plus has so many bullshit crap shows which is going on and on for ages, why can't they close them , why do they need to close a good show like KCL,damn!!!

Veer and Krishna's journey abhi toh start hua tha, aur yeah log abhi show bandh kar rahe hai :( After ages I loved a jodi so much . KrishVeer - Megha Chakraborty and Karan Vohra as Krishna and Veer were magical together, they have such brilliant chemistry, I will surely miss them together. Can't creatives pair them again in a new show ??? Did not get enough of them yet. They bring magic on screen whenever they are together. Want more of KrishVeer, more scenes with Megha Chakraborty and Karan Vohra as Krishna and Veer. Will miss them badly.

4 years ago

All the best to the whole team of Krishna Chali London... Karan Vohra and Megha Chakraborty you are fabulous

4 years ago

Loved Karan Vohra and Megha Chakraborty as a pair. I wish, they could be repeated as a pair but that's not possible. Loved Krishna Chali London. It will always close to my heart. Short but sweet journey. I wish Star Plus would never have been partial with the show and would have given time and promotions to it. It's sad but at least, it's ending with good TRP.

4 years ago

Really sad news... will miss Krishna Chali London specially Karan Vohra

4 years ago

Shall miss the show and the entire cast... they were all amazing actors... especially Karan Vohra and Megha Chakraborty!

4 years ago

Wished the show had few more months at least :( Will miss KrishVeer... Karan Vohra and Megha Chakraborty have done a fab job! All the best to them and their future projects! :)

4 years ago

Best of Luck to the entire team...,
Karan Vohra and Megha Chakraborty...

4 years ago

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