Kinshuk's Krazy Fan!

Kinshuk aka Ranveer of Star Plus and Rajan Shahi’s Sapna Babul Ka… Bidaai gets a ‘crazy fan’ experience.

Published: Monday,Nov 02, 2009 15:02 PM GMT-07:00
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Every known actor has to go through this and Kinshuk Mahajan is the latest to join his famous predecessors. The good looking actor who plays Ranveer in Star Plus and Rajan Shahi's Sapna Babul Ka… Bidaai has scores of fans in and out the country. Many online forums and websites have been dedicated to him. It is through one such site that a crazy fan is troubling Kinshuk.

We contacted Kinshuk and he reveals this is indeed true. He says, "One of my more responsible fans Anuradha has created website dedicated to me. Many other Kinshuk fans can become a member and interact with me through the administrator Anuradha. Everything was fine until Anuradha told me about this one fan Dina from Pakistan crossing the levels of sanity in my admiration."

Kinshuk elaborates. "Anuradha requested me to call this fan because apparently, Dina has been on a 'bhook-hadtal' (hunger strike) which she claimed to break only after she talked to me. I haven't called her yet but I conveyed my message through Anuradha to Dina to please resume her eating and that as soon as I'm free from shooting I'll call her. She cannot resist doing so because I've made the offer tempting with the promise of a date."

But why wait to call Dina? Kinshuk clarifies, "After knowing so much about her, how can I call her from my cell phone? I will call her from a PCO. Bidaai sets are very much in the outskirts of city and there are no telephone booths with international calling facility. I will definitely call her once I get a break from shooting."

We hope Kinshuk's crazy fan does pay heed to his promise!

Reporter : Ranjini Nair
Author : Susan Jose

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dunia 12 years ago omg yeh to pagalpan hai i will never never do bhuk hartal for any celebrity stop this love karo osi but normal not abnormal..........
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AmbyCious 12 years ago dina needs to visit a phsyctatrist immediately!why is she harmind HERSELF...
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shubh2366 12 years ago i like kinshuk and m a really such a big ,big fan of him....

and see daily his show..............
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LoveKinchuAngu 12 years ago wow lucky girl..she loves kinshuk so much i am shocked n surprised
love ho tu aisaa...
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orbittle 12 years ago omigod honestly....this person needs to get a life...like honestly...i dont see this as an act where u can congratulate the person...its just pathetic
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aruntouch 12 years ago dina there was a artcle in hindustan times mumbai edition 3rd november 2009 in HT cafe about u and kinshuk
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kareena4eva 12 years ago congratz dina oh my god ur so lucky by the way i done a hunger strike? has anyone found the website yet? tell u wat I AM GOING ON A HUNGER STRIKE 2! AND NO ONE CAN STOP ME AND I AM BEING SERIOUS2009-11-03 08:33:12
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snowhitepinkzz 12 years ago oh my god Dinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! so luky yaaaaaaaaaaaar thum.......i hope Saniha might hav read this..... congrats yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!!!!! oooopz i am in cloud nine....hey when Kinshuk calls you tell him that we all luvvvv him sooooooooo much!!
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-Maya- 12 years ago Congrats Dina still..It's kind of immature to go on a hunger strike it will effect your health..now more girls will do this hoping that Kinshuk will call them..poor Kinshuk will have a hard time lol2009-11-03 14:34:16
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Rachu_1987 12 years ago @fairislove....totally agree....after all we have young kids on the forum....if they see that a member has done this and is successful in gettint he star to talk to her....then they'll get ideas as well..
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