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Kinshuk Mahajan on upcoming track of Pandya Store: People would relate that the whole family is like Ramayan

India Forums got in touch with Kinshuk Mahajan aka Gautam about the upcoming sequence on the show and here's what he told us.

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Kinshuk Mahajan

Pandya Store on Star Plus keeps the fans engaged with the constant twists and turns that follow and up next, we will see how things are about to change once again, but how, only time will tell. New looks of Kinshuk Mahajan, Akshay Kharodia and Simran Budharup have been doing the rounds on social media and that sure has caught everyone's attention.

India Forums got in touch with Kinshuk aka Gautam about the same and he told us, ''Basically, we are shooting for Ramayan in the show, and I have already shared that the characters have been inspired by the epic as well. I play Ram, my brothers play his brothers, and everyone is playing characters of Ram Leela. There will be a lot of twists and turns and in the end, people would relate that the whole family is like Ramayan, there will be a huge turning point in the show. (which I can't reveal).''

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Ask him how has the shoot been, and he adds, ''We have been having a lot of fun, when you shoot for such sequences, it is like a different show altogether, speaking lines that are mythological. I find it very difficult, but we have to be very careful that we don't do or say anything that hurts anyone's feelings, and let's hope we win the hearts, and it is Navratri with Diwali coming soon as well, it is a good track and has come at a very right time.''

We further probed Kinshuk about who will things change pertaining to, and he tells us it is going to affect Gautam and Dhara (Shiny Doshi) and given everything that has been happening, it sure is a long wait to know what follows ahead.

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Pottermeow 1 months ago Sure, I'd love to see Gaura move forward in life. Remember that they're pregnant. Bun in the oven's still cooking, you know? Let's all not forget that a pregnant women's been running around like a chicken with its head cut off very casually. Yep, sure. On a more serious note, I hope this isn't completely Gaura centric (ensemble cast show, right?) , that everyone has equal screen space, and that the Shivi MU is finally cleared by the end of navratri, or atleast that they make a large amount of progress....
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GrilledCheese 1 months ago I hope the track is well balanced instead of being all about Gautam and Dhara. We want good screen space for Shiva and Raavi too.
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Shivi_forever 1 months ago Love Pandya Store
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spdp 1 months ago All for Raamleela street style,
but they better show GOOD Navratri! Placing a show in certain context- here Somnath Gujarat- One of the most celebrated festival of Navratri needs to be highlighted well!
Dashera in Gujarat is mailnly streetside Ramleela, City/ town Ravan dahan , fafda Jalebi & Ramkatha path.
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mpks1 1 months ago So the IF writer edited What Kinshuk said, that one of his brothers is playing Arjun in a Ramayan skit🙄
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mpks1 1 months ago Where is Arjun in Ramayan? Who got it wrong, Kinshuk or the IF writer? Unless this is a crossover episode with Arjun visiting Thretha Yuga to help Ram and Lakshman defeat Ravan🙄
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kooki07 1 months ago so him and Dhara want to stay in the lime light always no one else?
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