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King of Comedy, Jaspal Bhatti is back!

Jaspal Bhatti, the king of comedy returns back to television on the judges' chair on SAB TV's Comedy Ka King Kaun.

Published: Thursday,Apr 10, 2008 10:45 AM GMT-06:00
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Wake up! Known for his satire jokes on society and social issues, Godfather of comedy, Jaspal Bhatti makes a comeback on television as a judge in Comedy Ka King Kaun?, on SAB after a long hiatus. The show will go on air from April 14, 2008, Monday to Thursday at 8:30 p.m .In his usual humorous way, he chats with our Telly Buzz reporter, Binita.

King of Comedy, Jaspal Bhatti is back!
Why did you plan to do a comeback with Comedy Ka King Kaun?

I think this is the first time that a show like this will be seen and why I plan to chose this kind of a show is mainly because the first clause of the show was that you don't have to laugh at every joke that is being cracked. It's not a compulsion that if you are a judge, you have to laugh. If you didn't like the joke, then you don't have to laugh.

What do you think is different in Comedy Ka King Kaun from other comedy shows?

I feel that it is a very different show mainly because the twelve of the finest comedians will be seen on a single platform. One of the 12 contestants will be eliminated every week, till the last one is crowned Comedy King!. Another thing that makes this show different is that all other shows are stand-up comedy shows, but this show consists of 3 segments i.e. Stand-up comedy round, Jugal bandi round (two contestants will be competing each other) and Gag round (the contestant will be tested on acting skills).

What is the basis on which you will test the contestants?

We will be testing the contestants on their spontaneity, originality, performance level, timing and the kind of jokesthey crack. We are looking for decent jokes which a family can sit and enjoy. If a contestant goes for double meaning jokes, marks will be deducted straight away.

You are known for your satire on social issues, so can you say something on the rising prices?

I feel that now people are going to take lockers in banks, not to keep the cash, but to store vegetables as the prices are touching the sky! Also the person who purchases the vegetables should take a security along with him/her so that nobody steals the vegetables (Hahaha everyone laughs aloud)

So after this, do we expect to see Jaspal Bhatti in any other shows?

Well, currently I am judging Comedy Ka King Kaun and further I plan to do a movie based on politics.

Reporter and Author: Binita Ramchandani
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desi chic
desi chic @desi chic 15 years ago Not bad... Nice to see him back!

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punjini @punjini 15 years ago I am great fan of Bhatti. Wish I had spoken to him instead of Binita Ramchandani.
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bhool gayi! :| @mango 15 years ago finally!!....he's awesome!!!...unfortunately..me doesn't get SAB :(:(:(:(
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Ahmed @Too_Much 15 years ago Best of luck...
i think instead of naming the show Comedy Ka King Kaun they should have names Komedy Ka King Kaun?
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