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Keva Shefali to join Sumbul Touqeer in 'Imlie' as 'Cheeni'

Keva is all set to make a grand entry in Star Plus show 'Imlie'.

Published: Sunday,Jul 10, 2022 23:36 PM GMT-06:00
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Keva and Sumbul

Star Plus show ‘Imlie’ is getting quite intense with each passing episode. The show has recently witnessed a major twist with Malini returning in the lives of Imlie and wants to create a rift between Imlie and Aryan.

India Forums exclusively reported that the show is set to take a five years leap post which Aryan and Imlie will be seperated while Imlie will lose her baby and Aryan will blame her for the same. We also informed our viewers that Imlie will relocate to Pagdandiya and will do reporting for a local news channel

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Now, India Forums has learned about yet another set of fresh updates and development from the show. Along with Imlie, a five year old girl will stay in Pagdandiya as her daughter Cheeku. However, details related to Cheeku's real identity has been kept under wraps.

As per sources, actress Keva Shefali has been locked to play the character of Cheeni in the show. Cheeni will be the mini version of lmlie. The history will repeat itself as Meethi's daughter Imlie will be seen raising a child without a father while the villagers would character assasinate Imlie.

In the future episodes, Cheeni will form a warm bond with Aryan as well. Is Cheeni Imlie-Aryan's baby? Or will she be Malini-Aditya's daughter, or someone else? Only time will tell.

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Shravani95 2 months ago Arylie mrg didn't even completed 3 mons, they r soon going to be parents of 5 yr old kid. Wt nonsense sitara 😑
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Shravani95 2 months ago Couldn't accept this kid track even a bit
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LoLo 2 months ago It’s too bad that yet another 4 Lions show will soon bite the dust. Wow we had a good run though! Love Aryan/Imlie-Sumbul/Fahmaan chemistry. So sorry the people who write for this show went back to old cliches, but sadly it will soon be gone.
If reports are true we’re supposed to believe that a teacher will now become primary owner in a news channel?! The Aryan Singh Rathore who once took Malini down will now work with her?! He will suddenly go to Pagdandiya and what? Marry Imlie again? Haven’t we seen this somewhere before? 🤔
I sincerely hope Fahmaan will walk away from this show when they try to make him Adi 2.0. He deserves better!
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Param-Sundari 2 months ago Baby on board.
They will not show Imlie parenting her, mostly she will be raising the kid during the leap period, and then malini will take her baby away from imlie again.
Imlie will be lost, they will meet again, anger-pain-hurt angsty story, bring it on.
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Shimal19 2 months ago I don't understand it, if it is Malini and Aditya's child, then why is she living with Imlie and not with Malini? I think it is Aryan's child, but he will again think it is not his.
Oh yeah, if Imlie goes to PD then Aryan turns from leading man to side character, not interested and goodbye!!!
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WildestDreams 2 months ago So 5 years leap is for real!! 🙃🫠 I am not liking it
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rekha02 2 months ago Firstly let the leap happen much info when things haven't happened yet.
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samarp2 2 months ago Acc to public demand, they will do the opp for kids identity.. it all depends for later… so that means Malini was really pregnant… then y will she give her baby to Imli 😒😒.. when she hates Imli 🙄
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MrinalR 2 months ago History repeat itself? Nothing fresh. Again no comments child is cute but.. Forget no comments
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lovereading14 2 months ago No, nope! I am kissing goodbye to this show if Arylie become parents. This baccha track has already made me stop watching episodes and only read WU. But if this happens it is goodbye
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