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KD to fight against a monster in Sony TVs Adaalat

KD Pathak aka Ronit Bose Roy will fight against the monster in the upcoming episodes of the law based show Adaalat on Sony TV…

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KD Pathak of Sony TV's Adaalat has fought against many criminals but this time he has to fight against a monster.

The upcoming episode will revolve around the story of people of a village called madhopati gaon in Darbhanga, Bihar who are of the belief that there is a monster of ashes in Sarjoos field.  Whoever crosses his field witnesses some unusual event.

 A lot of them have seen it. They want to burn his field.  Sarjoo runs to KD beg for help. He says that the pandit had told him to burn the log with which he had put fire to his grandmother's funeral pyre. But he unknowingly forgets and it gives leads to birth of Rakash the ash monster.

 KD goes to the village looking at Sarjoos condition. During the investigation KD finds a dead body in Sarjoos field with evidences against him.

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MriduB 7 years ago Thanku for the article! Ronit Roy rocks as KD Pathak! Adaalat rocks! :* :D
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miki168 10 years ago really nice movie. and kangna looking cute in this film.
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rahulasati10 10 years ago gonna be interesting jodi to watch2011-01-10 06:35:40
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adventure_gurl 10 years ago gonna be awesome movie, belated Valentines movie
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sreevijayan 10 years ago the poster is soooo looking 4ward 4 this movie.............
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-nautankidollz- 10 years ago it has eja khan too??? awwwwwwwww cant wait cant wait
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nish0910 10 years ago cant wait!!!!!!!! :D
it has Madhvan and Ejaz Khan!! :D
gotta watch it :D
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love_girish 10 years ago sounds like a fun movie....gotta watch it
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-Aaliyah- 10 years ago This looks really interesting!
I love Madhavan! Can't wait to see it
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