Kavya - Ek Jazbaa, Ek Junoon: Fiery Obstacle Arises on Adhiraj and Kavya's Path

In the upcoming episode of Sony TV’s show Kavya, Adhiraj and Kavya will be seen stuck in a fiery obstacle.

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Sumbul Touqeer and Mishkat Verma

Sony Entertainment Television, show "Kavya – Ek Jazbaa, Ek Junoon" starring the immensely talented Sumbul Touqeer Khan as Kavya, this narrative follows the journey of an ambitious IAS officer determined to serve the nation and help the common man. Driven by her goal to be an IAS officer, Kavya is a strong female character who is unafraid to make tough choices and go beyond when put to the test. In the previous episode, viewers witnessed Kammo provides shelter to Adhiraj and Kavya, seemingly safeguarding their lives, yet harboring malevolent intentions due to Kavya's connection as Dr. Navya's sister."

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In tonight's episode, airing on the 27th of October 2023, Kavya uncovers a startling revelation about Kammo's husband, who happens to be a hospital watchman responsible for leaking the news of Kavya's connection to Dr. Navya. Kavya promptly shares this revelation with Adiraj, leading to a joint decision to flee from Kammo's house. However, as they attempt to escape, an ominous turn of events occurs when an unidentified assailant sets their house door ablaze. The question remains: Can Adiraj and Kavya save themselves in the face of this life-threatening situation?"

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Mishkat Varma

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Sumbul Touqeer

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Kavya – Ek Jazbaa, Ek Junoon

Comments (18)

adhiraj is kavya hero !! love their bond

4 months ago

ShabSayed Thumbnail



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4 months ago

Too many things to be resolved More misunderstandings loading between Adya hows Kavya going to convince villagers that Navya is innocent can Adi understand true motives of Mr pradhaan

4 months ago

Show is getting intense day by day..both leads Sumbul/Kavya and Mishkat/Adi are performing equally..two strong individual characters..AdYa chemistry is so natural

4 months ago

OMG Love is in the air. ADYA perfect together

4 months ago

Show is getting excited by the day. Looking forward to see how Kavya/Adya tackles all the hurdles.

4 months ago

Kavya is number one show inspiration 🔥🔥 from Nigeria 🇳🇬

4 months ago

Amazing show the way they potray the balance between professional as well as personal life its treat to watch

4 months ago

Doesn’t seem anything like what the promo portrayed of an independent woman IAS officer and how she takes on chalenges professionally. From beginning, there has been so much focus on kavya love life that it looks silly. Of course people are happy to see just see close up and lovey dovey scenes and hence hype😆

4 months ago

Show is getting more and more exciting now.

4 months ago

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