Kavita Kaushik's truck-driving adventure!

Kavita Kaushik easily pulled off driving a truck when a scene required it for Sab TV’s FIR.

Published: Wednesday,Sep 02, 2009 15:10 PM GMT-06:00
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Sandra Bullock couldn't manage driving a bus for Speed but our desi girl Kavita Kaushik could very well handle the wheels of a truck for a scene in SAB TV's FIR!

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It so happens that an action scene in FIR needed a truck to be driven. But the director was not confident about a 'girl' doing such a job, so handed the responsibility over to a junior artiste. However, Kavita made sure the director realized he should trust girls more when it comes to assigning tough jobs!

Kavita tells us, "When I came to know of the action sequence I asked the director to let me do it. But the director wasn't very sure of me handling the truck. He was like – nahi tum ladki ho. Tumhe kuch ho jayega toh? (You are a girl, what if something happens to you?) So he went ahead and gave the responsibility to a junior artist."

However, Kavita soon realized that fate was in her favor. She says, "When we went near the truck the junior artiste expressed his fears about driving the truck. I told him not to worry and just let me handle it."

It was quite a scene when people on the sets realized that it was Kavita who was behind the steering wheel. An elated Kavita says, "It was a pleasant surprise for everyone when they saw me driving the truck!" The actress is pleased for having achieved a sort of an accomplishment. She says, "When I saw myself on the screen, I found it amusing as I saw a thin girl maneuvering a big truck!"

The most shocking part is that Kavita improvised the whole thing. She says, "No I've neither had formal training to drive heavy vehicles nor have I ever driven a truck before. I just read the instructions and was careful I followed them all properly. Like the first gear is like the reverse gear of a car. I gave my full attention to the task and thankfully, all went well."

Way to go Kavita, you've made all the girls out there proud!

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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erandas 11 years ago can anyone send me that video..
Kavita Kaushik's truck-driving adventure!
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KushalFan-Sim 13 years ago ooh kafita .
thats nice... u madee us proud...!!!
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Shaina_b 13 years ago Way to go Kavita!!!!!

You made us girls proud!!!!

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