Katha Ankahee: Kailash puts a gun on Viaan, family left shocked

In the upcoming episode of Sony TV's show Katha Ankahee, Kailash will be seen losing his calm on Viaan.

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The popular Sony TV series, "Katha Ankahee," has captivated its audience with its captivating storyline, featuring Adnan Khan and Aditi Sharma in leading roles. This Turkish show adds a unique twist to the narrative, and the current plot revolves around Maya's successful disruption of Katha and Viaan's wedding, causing chaos in their lives.

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In the latest episode of the show, Kailash confronts Viaan regarding his mistreatment of Katha. Viaan pleads for forgiveness, but the entire family remains adamant in their refusal to pardon him. Teji also humbly implores the family to forgive her and Viaan, yet their appeals fall on deaf ears.

In the upcoming episode, we will witness Aarav overhearing this conversation and questioning Viaan about his mistreatment of Katha. The situation takes an unexpected turn when Aarav faints, prompting the entire family to rush to his aid. Kailash, consumed by guilt, makes a pivotal decision to seek justice for Katha. He enters the scene with a dramatic gesture, retrieving a gun and pointing it at Viaan's chest, leaving everyone in shock.

The suspense builds as we eagerly anticipate what will happen next in this intense storyline.

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