Kashmira Shah pays a visit on Killer Karaoke!

Kashmira Shah paid a surprising visit on the sets of Killer Karaoke.

It seems paying a visit on the sets is becoming popular among celebs, as recently Ankita Bhargava who is soon to be a bride paid a visit on her to be husband Karan Patel's sets, next we hear is actress Kashmira Shah, paying a visit at her husband Krushna Abhishek's sets of Killer Karaoke.

While the two have tied the knot long back, it will be for the first time post their marriage the two would be seen on screen.

We contacted Kashmera to know about her visit for which she said, "Yes, I visited the sets of Killer Karaoke to meet Krushna and Aarti (Aarti Singh) who was the contestant. I was sitting in the audience and had a great fun watching the show because I feel it's really a great show. The best part was to see Krushna flirting with other girls in the audience and then when I entered he was stunned to see me. Well he knew that I am coming but to make the episode interesting we did it. Many funny interactions will happen between Krushna and me. So, all in all the experience was fulfilling and I had a great time."

It's nice to see them together on screen again!

Neha Jain


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love u karan patel...

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Have a lovely day Karan Patel, keep rocking dear

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Love u Karan Patel u r OUTSTANDING actor!!!

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Love you Karan Patel u r a rockstar...love you KP

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