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Kashmera Shah moves on after completing her tenure..

Kashmera Shah will bid goodbye to Sony's Iss Jungle, as her pre-calculated tenure in the jungle comes to an end..

Published: Thursday,Aug 27, 2009 15:21 PM GMT-06:00
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Kashmera Shah's histrionics in Sony's Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao has come to an end, as she will be seen walking out of the show tonight. After Shweta Tiwari's walkout and Jay Bhanushali threatening to walk out, it is the turn of Kashmera Shah to rise to the occasion and stage a walkout.

Kashmera Shah moves on after completing her tenure..
However, a reliable source informs us that there is more to it than what meets the eye. "With the elimination of Negar and Mika, there was a need of some controversies in the show, to pep up the TRPs, and that was the main reason for Kashmera to join the gang. All was a pre-planned move by the production house and channel, and Kashmera knew very well that her stay in the jungle would only be for two weeks. Having finished her said term and having completed the job assigned to her, she will be seen packing her bags and going out".

As reported earlier, the Finale of Iss Jungle will be aired on 5th September, and as a result of this, the channel and production house are doing the clean-up activities so that they get their final three contestants pretty fast.

"After Marc's surprise elimination, it will be the turn of Kashmera Shah to go out of the contest. This Friday will see yet another elimination that will leave us with five contestants. Next week might probably see another surprise elimination followed by a usual elimination. Thus the creative team has planned to get their finalists who will be either tagged as the 'King' or 'Queen' of the Jungle".

Let's now wait and watch what happens in tomorrow's elimination..

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh
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suruchi123 @suruchi123 14 years ago i want any girl to win....Akash should be out....he don't have respect for girls...
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Trupti @sunshine286 14 years ago I want Mona or Anaida to win..I hate Akash ..he doen't respect woman & doesn't how to talk..he think himself i am smthing blah blah with his so called ego..personally i feel there is nothing like voting..its all that most contversial ppl will stay till end for TRP..other wise who will vote for such mannerless person like akash????????????
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sups @mayursajan 14 years ago really akash should go now.thankgod kash is gone.
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xxMATSxx @RosyRosh 14 years ago All i know is..Im sick and tired of Akash..I want him out...

i want Chetan or Anaida to win..

I hated this so called KASH...and I dont understand why she thinks that she came to the camp for "US!" as she said when she was leaving!

NONE OF US wanted her there...none of us wanted to see those petty, blown out of proportion fights!

She should know that she made things worse..she disappointed the viewers..and LOST the RESPECT of the majority of not only viewers..but the CAMP members as well!

I hope this so called "kash" reads these messages and understands that she is not at all LIKED!

Thanks for the article!
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Fariha @Forever_in_love 14 years ago I really hope Mona or Aman wins this show...
and I really hope to say "GOODBYE" TO AAKASH BY NEXT WEEK!!
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Tania @bwoodlover01 14 years ago this week KASH....gone. next week AKASH gone.
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NeetuS @NeetuS 14 years ago thank god shez gone......i hope anaida goes next cant stand her shez really annoying
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Navi @Nitzzzy 14 years ago Akash doesn't no know how to talk to a fuc!@#$%^^& human!! seriously!! his mother has not tought him anything at alll!! Thank goodness kasmira is outttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Akkash seriously should learn some manners and respect for other people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111
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Selina @ShellyB 14 years ago what was the point of kash being there in the first place theres been arguments 24-7 even without her stirring... seriously sony have money to waste
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moonlight44 @moonlight44 14 years ago thanks

finally she is out thanks god she is!!!!!!!!!!!
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