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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 trio Akash Jagga, Aditi Sanwal & Aashish Bhardhwaj get chatty about their bond

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 trio got talking about their bond while letting us in on a few more secrets. Read the fun chat here.


They say that it’s not easy for friendships to survive in a competitive industry like showbiz, but the friendship between Akash Jagga, Aditi Sanwal, and Aashish Bhardhwaj is not only surviving but also thriving. We had a fun chat session with the thick-as-thieves trio, who play Kaushik Chakraborty, Kuki Bajaj, and Mohnish, respectively, in Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2. Read on...

You guys have become close friends. So, how did your friendship start?

Aditi: We met on the sets of our show. On the first day we shot together, we just exchanged the customary Hi and Bye. But, as we started working together, we started bonding. 

Friends will always have something in common that binds them — it could be hobbies, passions, values, interests… anything. What bonds you all? 

Akash: We are in the same age group. Also, Aashish and I are newcomers. Aditi has done a show before this, but she, too, is relatively a newcomer. 

Aditi: We have similar interests and we love talking about films, actors, and their performances and spirituality. Also, we travel to work together. 

Aashish: We love sharing secrets and gossip. I think that has brought us closer. 

How do you spend the free time that you get during the shoot? 

Aditi: We talk a lot and jam together. Aashish plays his guitar, while Akash and I sing. We are not great singers, but we enjoy our time together.

We often see you guys indulging in pranks on the set. Mostly, who comes up with ideas for pranks?  Who is the most mischievous one among the three of you?

Akash: We don’t play too many pranks, but yes, we keep making fun of each other. Talking about the most mischievous one, it is definitely Aditi. 

Aashish: I don’t play too many pranks on them, as I find them too sweet. 

Given that you love pulling each other's legs, please share some fun facts about one another...

Akash: Aditi’s OCD for cleanliness is hilarious. Sometimes, even when we are hanging out in my vanity, she would first clean it and pack my belongings before sitting down to talk to us. It’s fun to watch Aashish get engrossed in stories. Aditi and I laugh a lot whenever he narrates a story and is oblivious to everything around us. 

Aditi: Akash is always on diet — he eats only quinoa and multigrain food items. He also avoids desserts and oily items whereas Aashish and I eat everything. The contrast between us is almost comical — Akash sticks to his clean diet while we indulge in cakes and chocolates. The funniest thing about Aashish is that he is a sucker for sad stories. He is so kind-hearted, anyone can take him for a ride. 

Aashish: Akash loves irritating me, and he starts cracking PJs if he gets to know that I haven’t slept well and am feeling cranky. As far as Aditi is concerned, she shares gossip with child-like enthusiasm. Sometimes, her innocence is both touching and funny. 

Do you have nicknames for one another?

Aashish: We call one other by our characters’ names.

Akash: Yes, I call Aashish and Aditi Monu and Kuki, respectively.   


Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 

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