Karishma Kotak, stranded in Chennai after the cyclone hits, recounts the ordeal and hopes for a safe return

Stranded in Chennai after cyclone Michaung hits, actress Karishma Kotak recounts the harrowing experience of heavy rain, cancelled flights, and disrupted communication while expressing hope for a prompt return to Mumbai.

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Karishma Kotak

Actress Karishma Kotak, primarily known for hosting sports events, found herself stranded in Chennai after cyclone Michaung wreaked havoc in the city. Flying in to host a racing league, she initially experienced no rain, but a sudden thunderstorm and strong winds hit late at night, causing chaos.

Over the weekend, heavy rainfall transformed the streets into pools of water, leading to accidents and disrupting communication. Karishma was cut off from her family for a few hours due to the lack of Wi-Fi, but she later managed to reestablish contact. With flights cancelled, attempts to book a cab to Tirumala or Bangalore proved futile due to waterlogged roads. Although her event was postponed, leaving the city became a challenging task.

Expressing surprise at the severity of the situation, Karishma shared her hope for a swift return to Mumbai once flight operations resume. The ongoing rainfall and the aftermath of the cyclone have left her anxious about the conditions in Chennai.

Describing the current scenario, Karishma mentioned stray dogs roaming, official announcements on loudspeakers, and the visible aftermath of fallen trees and damaged cars. Despite the challenging circumstances, her primary concern remains the safety of everyone in the affected area, coupled with the anticipation of a safe return to her hometown.

Karishma Kotak, also a participant in Bigg Boss 6, faced a unique situation during her stint on the reality show. She had to take an emergency exit at one point but later re-entered the show, adding an unexpected twist to her journey in the Bigg Boss house. Karishma, known for her involvement in various TV shows and films, has been actively hosting sports events, including premier leagues and cricket tournaments. 

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