Karishma Kapoor expects again!

Sources claim that Karisma Kapoor is pregnant again! The actress married to Delhi based...

Sources claim that Karishma Kapoor is pregnant again! The actress married to Delhi based businessman Sanjay Kapur already has a daughter Samaira aged four. Kareena is delighted with the news of becoming an aunt yet again.
Ms Kapoor was seen with a baby bump at a luxury in Bandra a few days ago. She visited Neetu Kapoor's mom's 'chautha' and after that has been less active socially. She is supposedly in her first trimester.

This is the most cheerful chapter in Karishma's life so far. Samaira is growing up, her marriage is in high spirits. She has kept herself busy with social events and endorsements. Perhaps the couple thought this was a excellent time to have another child.

At a press conference when a journalist questioned a delighted Kareena. she slipped out a, "who told you?" but, didn't say anything further.
According to sources, Randhir Kapoor, currently in Russia, claims to know nothing.
Surely he would be exceedingly thrilled to have another grandchild and so will the fans.

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