Kareena Kapoor along with Masaba, Mary Kom & others enjoy the Women's Premiere League - PICS

A dazzling array of empowered ladies descended upon the Women's Premier League (WPL) on February 23, 2024 ft. Kareena Kpaoor, Masaba Gupta and others.

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In a groundbreaking moment challenging the age-old notion that cricket is a male-dominated sport, a dazzling array of empowered ladies descended upon the Women's Premier League (WPL) on February 23, 2024. Spearheading this charge for female empowerment were none other than the charismatic Kareena Kapoor Khan, fashion maestro Masaba Gupta, boxing legend Mary Kom, enterprising Vineeta Singh, and the ever-inspiring journalist Faye D'Souza.

Capturing the essence of this empowering spectacle, Masaba Gupta took to her Instagram to share a glimpse of the eventful day. A radiant selfie featuring all five influential women, beaming with pride and support, set the tone for an extraordinary display of camaraderie. Further accentuating the celebration of womanhood, Masaba shared captivating images of the celebs donned in matching jerseys, proudly showcasing their names.


The banter extended beyond the stands as Kareena Kapoor Khan and Masaba Gupta engaged in a lively exchange. Expressing her exhilaration, Masaba penned, "2 days after Women's Day and seeing a stadium buzzing with cheers for our girls gave me goosebumps! #WPL. An unforgettable sight. What a blast with all the women I admire!" Her words echoed many's sentiments, highlighting the stadium's electric atmosphere and the resounding support for the female cricket stars.

The ongoing Women's Premier League 2024, orchestrated by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), has become a melting pot of talent and diversity. This Twenty20 cricket tournament has successfully attracted female cricketers from various corners of the world, showcasing the prowess and skill of women in the cricketing arena.

As the league continues to unfold, the resounding cheers from the stands, spearheaded by Bollywood's leading ladies, serve as a testament to the shifting paradigm in the world of cricket. 

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