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Kareena delays Milenge Milenge yet again

The title Milenge Milenge, and the words 'will-release'-soon' are best when not used in the...

Published: Wednesday,May 19, 2010 22:17 PM GMT-06:00
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This shouldn't even make news anymore, in our opinions. Yet, it does ...

The title Milenge Milenge, and the words 'will-release'-soon' are best when not used in the same sentence. Yet, Boney Kapoor can't help but hope ... what's a director to do when the lead couple are ex-lovers who refuse to become accommodating for professional purposes anytime soon?

Although Boney has been quite the gentleman in shielding the inconvenience caused to him by his star protagonists, especially Kareena Kapoor who has claimed time and again as 'willing to give her hand in the finishing touches' ... Milenge Milenge has been a delayed project courtesy Bebo's many whims. 

Apparently, Kareena has been creating a major roadblock in the completion of the movie by not giving dates to Boney Kapoor to finish shooting her bit for the promotional video.

     This video was originally intended to be shot with Shahid Kapoor but she had asked to be filmed for her section separately. Giving in to her demand - cause, well, the only option would lie in watching fireworks between the actors on the sets - the editors agreed to work out a merging after the two bits were separately shot. Unfortunately, while Shahid's bit was shot sometime ago, Kareena continues to withhold her end of the commitment.

     Shareena fans have so far endured an endless wait to watch the duo create magic again, on screen, after the success of Jab We Met. It is understandable that their reserves of patience are fast depleting and if the release does not actually materialize with little time to spare now, the movie will lose more than gain to this game of wait and watch.

Here's to hoping, for the umpteenth time, that Milenge Milenge will sometime become 'meant-to-be'!

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