Karan Wahi Surprises 'DMG Kids' with a Sweet Reunion: Shares Joyous Picture with Jennifer Winget

Karan Wahi took to his Instagram handle to give a sweet surprise for all the fans of Dill Mill Gaye.

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Jennifer Winget and Karan Wahi

Karan Wahi and Jennifer Winget's unforgettable onscreen chemistry from the iconic show 'Dill Mill Gaye' holds a special place in the hearts of 90's kids who grew up watching the series. Acknowledging that the kids from the show are no longer kids, as playfully mentioned by Karan himself, the actor took to his Instagram to delight fans with a heartwarming surprise.

Karan, set to star opposite Jennifer Winget in an upcoming Sony LIV project, shared a delightful picture with Jennifer from the sets as they commenced shooting for the show. In the picture, both actors radiate joy in a candid pose. Expressing his excitement, Karan mentioned how this collaboration marks a reunion after nearly 14 years and playfully hinted at the fact that the 'DMG kids' are all grown up now.

Karan captioned the photo, ''Close to 14 years LATER We Are Back❤️🗣️ P.s- All you DMG kids, I mean kids who ain't kids anymore, IT's TIME.''


For those unaware, Karan and Jennifer are joining forces for Sony LIV's upcoming project, featuring Reem Sameer in a pivotal role. The actors have officially commenced shooting for the show today.

Are you eagerly anticipating the reunion of Jennifer and Karan?"

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Been waiting for KW and JW pairing for years since Siddhima days

3 months ago

I remember being crazy over DMG when I was a kid. Especially Armaan and that bg song

3 months ago

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