Karan Wahi says, “If you work together, I think your partner can become perfect for you"

Karan Wahi defined the meaning of a Perfect Partner, stating how every person has their own flaws and no one is perfect.

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Karan Wahi

Amazon miniTV - Amazon's free video streaming service, recently released romantic comedy-drama series, Half Love Half Arranged and has been receiving wonderful reviews and praise from the viewers. The light-hearted series follows the journey of Riya Tanwar, a millennial gynaecologist, and her encounters in the arranged marriage process. Following the rules and set plans to live her life, and amid the chaos of arranged dating, she meets Jogi, turning her life towards an unplanned route. 

Starring Maanvi Gagroo and Karan Wahi in the lead roles, the series is streaming exclusively on Amazon miniTV for free.


Decoding the true essence of love and relationship, Karan Wahi defined the meaning of a Perfect Partner. Stating how every person has their own flaws and no one is perfect, he shared, “I think nobody is perfect, hence there is no such thing as a perfect partner. As you grow older, you understand and accept this better.  Everyone, I believe, has advantages and disadvantages, as well as strengths and weaknesses. I feel that the partner you chose will eventually become perfect if you enjoy the wonderful aspects and accept and love the things that are probably not great for you. I am sure that if you work together, your partner will be ideal for you.”

 Grab your bucket of popcorn and indulge in the crazy world of arranged dating with Riya and Jogi in Half Love Half Arranged.

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