Karan Wahi celebrated his 24th Birthday

Karan Wahi, celebrated his 24th Birthday yesterday on June 9th with his friends in a splendid style..

Siddharth aka Karan Wahi of Star One Dil Mil Gaye fame, who eagerly awaits for his birthday every year after being part of such a popular show had all the reason to celebrate his Birthday in the most enthralling way.
Karan Wahi who believes in enjoying every moment of his 'D' day threw a great Birthday Bash for all his friends and co-stars on 8th midnight itself rocked it on the entire night.

When contacted, the Birthday Boy in a sleepy yet joyous tone exclaimed, "Yes, as every year I'm completely excited for my Birthday and actually I had planned for a small party for friends but then on party night I realized I have so many friends (smiles) and it turned out to be a grand event."

On asking him to give a small brief about his day's venture he asserted, "Firstly come what may I never work on my Birthday so it was a day off for me and then I had partied so hard the previous night that I crawled lazily on my bed for half the day and then again had an unplanned outing with friends."

And how can a birthday pass without gifts. "Oh! Yes I have received a lot of gifts but haven't got the time to open them and see. So as of now I'm just enjoying the feeling of having them", said Karan Wahi.

"Also I keep gifting myself something or the other every other day then smoothly blame it on my Birthday (smiles)", added Karan.

So wishing him all the luck and success in future!

Author and Reporter: Pooja Shenoy.

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Comments (109)

karan love u
miss u
cum soon

13 years ago

you were rockinng in yesterdays episode and plzzz dont ever cry in on or offscreen cuz cant see u cryin n whenever u cry (meri ankhon main bhi annson ajaate hain) luvvvvvvv u ! n plzz go back 2 to ridhima ! luvv u KARAN WAHI!

13 years ago

please confirm that ur not leaving. please

13 years ago

please we want more screen space of siddhima

13 years ago

hope sid come to know ridz birthday and celebrates it and ridz likes it.

13 years ago

love to see sid with ridz. want more scenes

13 years ago

hate dmg. love sid. u r not shown yesterday

13 years ago

though the siddhima scene was very short we loved it. we want more scenes.

13 years ago

Karan Wahi have you ever participated in Mr. India competition cuz, you would surely win as you are so handsome!

13 years ago

loved the siddhima scenes, it is nice to see ridz care towards her husband

13 years ago

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