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Karan V Grover on dealing with accident: I knew getting back to work would be the best way to recover

Karan V Grover met with an accident recently and he spoke to India Forums about how did he get through it and manage to reach London.

Published: Monday,Apr 18, 2022 11:36 AM GMT-06:00
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Karan V Grover

Udaariyaan is one of the most loved and successful shows on television, and the story keeps the audience hooked. We have been keeping to update about the show. We have exclusively reported about the cast and crew going to London to shoot an important sequence.

And before heading to the shoot, Karan V Grover met with an accident and he has gone to London to shoot for the show despite the injury. Karan's beau Poppy Jabbal took to her Instagram to reveal what happened to Karan V Grover while he was headed to Delhi Airport to catch London's flight. 

India Forums got in touch with Karan V Grover to know about the same, and he said,

"Yes I met with a small accident on Delhi Panipat highway, it was around 2 in the morning and I was lucky enough to find a cab and then I googled near by hospital and found doctor who stitched me up in time. Somewhere angels where looking after me everybody who has given me love and blessings has totally protected me. I got lucky and when doctor told me that I will be done in 15-20 min and I have to take painkiller for few days. So I thought of reaching to airport and let if I reach on time for flight and if I don't, then see. I was feeling OK and somewhere I knew getting back to work would be the best way and fastest way for me to recover. I got lucky again and got flight and landed in London. And then informed everyone because of the time difference I thought everyone to wake up and then I give them the tragic news. But now no stress, I am fine and all is good, the production and everyone is taking care. The location is good and whether is good. I am 100 percent sure I will recover faster. "


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Karan V Grover's beau Poppy Jabbal took to her Instagram to reveal what happened to Karan V Grover while he headed to Delhi Airport to catch London's flight. She posted "I never do this .... But today I was speechless , so I had to ....I witnessed the height of professionalism and it's worth sharing.This boy after shooting for 16 hours straight, packing up at 6 am , checking out from a hotel room where he stayed for 6 months , dropping off his extra luggage at a friend's place , also fitting in a pedicure and haircut for a newlook on the show , taking a cab to delhi at night , meets with a road accident at 3 am , hurt and shocked ,books an uber, gets himself to a hospital in an unknown city, gets an anesthesia, a tetanus, and stitches on his chin , gets in to a new cab to board his international flight in time . With a bandage on his face , obliging fans with selfies ,still smiling ,boards his first flight , then the second flight , lands in London and then waits to board his third flight... that's almost 14 hrs of flying not including the lay over , still smiling, all ready to shoot the next day with the same enthusiasm...U are truly a hero In years I have never seen this man lazy or tired to go to work. He has never said that he doesn't feel like going to shoot . He has never complained. Your commitment and passion are unparalleled! Your story is worth sharing and worth learning from karan ... I'm proud of you !! @karanvgrover U finally made it to my feed."

Have a look at the post 

We wish the actor a speedy recovery and good health.

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Abhiya_cute 2 months ago get well soon karan , hope not any majour injury happened .
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BaAZiGar0 2 months ago feel better karan
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1987Roso 2 months ago Aww what a champ!! There no direct flights form Delhi to london? I believe I have flown several times from Delhi to Frankfurt, Delhi to Beijingg, delhi to Tokyo, Delhi to even Vancouver etc etc and he being a celeb he had to take 3 flights? 🤦🏽‍♀️ Udaariyan team really cutting the budget for london shoot or what!!
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