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Karan Singh Grover Opens Up on Depression & The Support He Received While Facing It

On World Mental Health Day, the actor opened up on the battle he went through.


It is rather easy to be blinded by only judging an actor on his appearance, especially when it is the kind of machismo that Karan Singh Grover exhibits. While everything appears merry and strong on the outside, things are never necessarily that in the inside. One of the most important issues that need to be addressed in today's times is the act of depression.

Currently seen in Star Plus' Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2, Grover, recently opened up his battle with the same. Recently, he was present at an event where he was asked if he faced depression, to which the actor mentioned that the reason he is willing to talk about mental health is because he has lived it. Depression can be caused because of many reasons and the root needs to be identified. He said how it has been a difficult journey for him to embark on but not entirely for him as he had his loved ones with him, especially wife, Bipasha Basu.

Grover further added saying that it is something one needs to accept and at the same time it is important to let it go. And to do that, it is essential to speak about it. At some point or the other, everybody faces it trying to make money, other stress that causes pressure, etc. He concluded saying this is not life, there is certainly more to it.


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Crazyksglover 9 months ago Karan Singh grover is not only the best actor with looks to die for but has a golden heart and is better than basically all the humans I know including the people present in this comment section love him to death ! His fan since well more than a decade he rocked every role and now rocking rishabh bajaj too funny how all the fandom's including his and others think they are God's superior creature and judge both the individuals just through what they heard from media ! They weren't present with them the didn't see the whole story with their eyes still degrading the other person just because it's easy to say the other person is bad even though being a total a*$ themselves ..
Avika.Gor 9 months ago Karan Singh Gover u rocks as Rishab. To be honest didnt liked u before. But with this role u made my heart melt. Wish u all the best in life And whats happen under someones home nobody knows. Love u n Jennfier both. Wish u both all happines.
BarbieVenom 9 months ago @Mikki just stop dragging Jennifer here. And your language is so crass. Just shows your horrible upbringing.
mishti_s 9 months ago Just because he doesn't defend himself, doesn't make his private life public, that doesn't give everyone a right to judge him. You never know what someone is going through in their lives, so stop judging people based on your opinion. More power to you. You are doing amazing as Mr. Bajaj. Keep rocking as always KSG.
mira30 9 months ago @IceMaiden Agree with you. See how dog fans of third class flop actor Grover’s fans are dragging Jennifer’s on his stupid articles and they are saying that we are stalking him and commenting on that third class flop actor Grover’s stupid article of depression but everybody can see that we did not make comments on this stupid article before his fans @Dihanjanee and @Dabhyun1 dragged Jennifer’s name on this looser Grover’s articles. Then, we replied to those fans but his other stupid fans are blaming Jennifer and her fans fans for no reason when we told his jobless fans not to use Jennifer’s name on his stupid boring article. Like fans like actors. His jobless fans are like him that have nothing to do than dragging Jennifer’s name on his stupid article when no one cares about him. They still have to drag her name on his article when she have nothing to do him because they don’t have anything good to say about him. He is flop and because of him, KZK 2 is flopping. After his entry, it went out of top 10 but his jobless don’t want to accept the fact. That’s why they keep blaming AnuPre. Grandma Bips couldn’t get him any movies and that’s why he came back to TV to do supporting boring role of uncle Mr.Bajaj but now he is flop actor in TV too. That’s why he is trying to get some sympathy and publicity to stay in the news when his show is flopping and his jobless dog fans are using Jennifer’s name to promote that looser because he is nobody flop actor now.
MayaJaiSingh 9 months ago Ksg himself looks like an old pimp now. He deserves all the trolling and abuses. The man who gave depression to all woman is complaining about depression. What an characterless assole. Soon Bipasha unty will divorce this 50 plus uncle.
mira30 9 months ago If Jennifer is aunty, then 45 year old buddhi Bips is grandma and Grover is uncle that is doing uncle buddha Mr.Bajaj role. Yeah, he only mentioned his cougar buddhi wife Bips name but his jobless fans are the one that dragged Jennifer’s first. Then, her fans replied to those loosers. When his fans drag Jennifer’s name on his articles for no reasons, then Jennifer’s fans will not remain quiet. Her fans doesn’t give damn care about him. And get your obsession over Jennifer @Mikki. This article doesn’t have anything to do with Jennifer. Her fans didn’t comment on him till his fans dragged Jennifer’s name on this article and we can see how strong he is that married thrice within 7 years and ditched one after another girl. Strong man doesn’t dump women like that. We can see why he went to depression. He went to depression after marrying 45 year old grandma Bips because he had been jobless for the last 3 years after marrying grandma Bips and then he came back to TV when grandma Bips couldn’t get him any movies and stop dragging Jennifer into it. Then, her fans will not say anything and if karma need to bite anyone, then it should bite none other than uncle Grover that ditched 2 wives and we can see how karma bited him when his career went to the drain after marrying grandma Basu. He is the one that was married and committed but he still end up having affair with other women. If he was loyal, then no one could have affair with him. Anyway, we don’t care of what he does but stop using Jennifer’s name on his articles looser jobless Grover’s fans.
blossomx 9 months ago More power to you, KSG 😘
Mikii 9 months ago He is strong man. Love you KSG...why these ex jennifer aunty are commenting on this article ? There can be many reasons for depression & he didn't even mention a single person's name except his wife Bipasha but see how his ex wife fans are stalking & starts commenting on this article. Why? Guilty conscious! Their winget had an affair with married men and karma bite her..that's it ? why her fans can't stay away from KSG ? obsessed losers
BarbieVenom 9 months ago Don't drag Jennifer in between. She has nothing to do with ksg or this article.
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