Karan - Shraddha fallen apart?

Karan Singh Grover and his sweetheart Shraddha have split, reported a news channel. We called them up to comment on it...To know more read further...

The very much in love couple Karan Singh Grover aka Dr. Armaan and Shraddha Nigam have always been open about their relationship, but now one of the news channel reported that the duo has fallen apart. The speculation is that they might not be a part of Nach Baliye 4 too now!!

To confirm the news we called up Shraddha, who shockingly replied, “There is no problem between us and we are very much together. I don’t understand why media is always behind Karan.”

When asked about being part of NB4 she quips, “We have not yet finalized as Karan is having some date issues. I can’t talk much about it.”

We smsed Karan to comment on this and he replied that, “It’s untrue and we are very much together. My lawyer will take action against anyone who spreads wrong news about us.”

We just hope that the duo does not get affected by such rumors and continue their fruitful relationship.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Shraddha Nigam

Comments (102)

this media never sleeps unless they make any couple apart in a day!!!!

happens everyday with every other couple!!!

15 years ago

ohh man.. why would anyone say tht....
they look so cute together =].

15 years ago

yea itsz is all prop. fake but karan looksz cute with sukirti lolss

15 years ago

phew they're still together, they make a such a cute couple ... i hope they never split ..

15 years ago

all i cn say is nofnk lasts 4eve, bt if dey do love echoder truely den i dnt noe?????

15 years ago

these stupid reporters!!!
they r soo much in love
nuthin cn break em apart!

15 years ago

phew...these two are meant to be together! but lawyer...dam!

15 years ago

all i can say is if after 3 yrs of being together kareena n shahid can split up den i guess almost every couple can !!!!!!

15 years ago

what rubbish////...i dunno whu d hell spreads such sucky rumours...........sum1 whu dusn hav ny otha wrk...bad...y duin ppl concentrate on der own wry n stop bein jealous.........god bless em both.......they r soo meant 2 b 2getha....luv em!!

15 years ago

noooo this is sucha a loving couple.i wish its fake

15 years ago

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